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Washington (State): nature and high technology

The state of Washington (The Evergreen State), is located in the north-western area of the United States, along the shores of the Pacific Ocean, bordered to the north by Canada, while to the east by Idaho and to the south by Oregon. Seattle is the largest city, but the state capital is Olympia, other major cities are Spokane and Tacoma.

Molded by volcanic and glaciers action, Washington state is characterized by the presence of kilometers of low and sandy coasts. The geographical feature of the state is the presence of the mountain range of the Cascade Range, which crosses the country from north to south, heavily influencing the climate. This mountain range is formed by several large volcanoes, such as Mount Rainier (4,392 meters), the highest peak the state and of the whole of the Cascade mountain range.

Other important volcanoes are the Mount Adams (3,743 meters), Mount Baker (3,285 meters), Glacier Peak (3,213 meters), and Mount St. Helens (2,550 meters). To the east of the Cascade Range is the plateau of the Columbia River, which is the most important river in the state, and for long stretches marking the southern border with Oregon.

The coast to the south of the state of Washington is straight with long strips of low and sandy coast, while to the north at the Puget Sound it is jagged and full of islands, west of this is the Olympic Peninsula, dominated by Mount Olympus (2,432 meters), which is separated from the Canadian island of Vancouver by the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Washington state is densely covered with forests.

  • Area: 184,827 sq. km. (18th largest state of the United States of America)
  • Population: 6,550,000 (data 2008) (Whites 81.8%, Blacks 3.2%; Asian 5.5%, Amerindian 1.6%. Hispanics (classified into different racial types) are 7.5%. Data 2000).
  • State Capital: Olympia.
  • Languages: The official language is English (spoken as a first language by 83,8% of the population). Spanish is spoken as a first language by 6,7% of the population. Data 2005).
  • Religion: Christian 69% (Roman Catholic (16%), Evangelical (25%), Protestant (24%), Mormon (2%), Jehovah’s Witnesses (1%)), Buddhist (1%), Jewish (1%).
  • Time zone: UTC-8, summer UTC-7.

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