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The climate of Samoa: when to go to Samoa

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The islands of Samoa are located a few degrees south of the equator so their climate is tropical equatorial. The main features of the climate of the Samoa islands is the little difference in the temperatures of the various seasons, the constant heat and humidity. What characterizes the climate is the amount of rainfall, in the Samoa there are two distinct seasons: a relatively dry season between June and September and a rainy season between October and May.

The months between December and March are the wettest ever, the average annual rainfall varies greatly between the coast and the mountains of the interior, from 2,500 mm along the north-west coast, up to 7,500 mm in the mountains of the interior. The months between January and March are also the period of cyclones.

The temperatures are influenced by the position of the islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and close to the equator, which causes reduced seasonal variations in temperature. The average maximum temperature in the capital Apia, ranging between 30.7°C in April and 29.5° C in July, while the average minimum temperatures vary between 24.2°C in February and 22.6°C in July. The average annual rainfall in Apia is 3,000 mm, the wettest month of the year is January, while the driest month is August.

The temperature of the sea in the Samoa islands is stable throughout the year between 27 ° C and 29 ° C.


The best season for a trip to Samoa are the least rainy months between June and September.


APIA (2 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 23,9 30,4 489,0  
February 24,2 30,6 368,0  
March 24,0 30,6 352,1  
April 23,8 30,7 211,2  
May 23,4 30,4 192,6  
June 23,2 30,0 120,8  
July 22,6 29,5 120,7  
August 22,8 29,6 113,2  
September 23,1 29,9 153,9  
October 23,4 30,1 224,3  
November 23,6 30,3 261,7  
December 23,8 30,5 357,5  
YEAR  23,5 30,2 2965  

Month Sea Water Temperature °C
January 29
February 29
March 29
April 29
May 28
June 28
July 27
August 27
September 27
October 28
November 28
December 28



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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