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Dinant: the city of the inventor of the saxophone

Dinant (about 14,000 inhabitants), is a small town of Wallonia in the province of Namur, located 15 km from the border with France and 30 km south of Namur, on the right bank of the Maas (Meuse). The first historical ...

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Tournai: one of the most beautiful towns of Belgium

Tournai (about 70,000 inhabitants), is a town in the province of Hinault in Wallonia, located 10 km from the border with France, on both banks of the Scheldt. The origins of Tournai are made traced back to Roman military Tornacum ...

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Bruges climate: when to go to Bruges

The climate of Bruges is continental Atlantic with frequent and widespread rainfall, with rather harsh winters due to the cold winds of the Baltic, the summers are cool and rainfall is distributed evenly throughout the year, the average annual precipitation ...

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Bruges: the jewel city of Flanders

Bruges (Brugge) (approximately 120,000 inhabitants), capital of West Flanders, is located 13 km from the North Sea, it’s connected by some artificial channels with its port, Zeebrugge. In the city are active textile, mechanical, electrical, shipbuilding, metallurgical, chemical, food, glass, ...

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Brussels climate: when to go to Brussels

The climate of Brussels is like that of most of Belgium, a kind of climate temperate-oceanic. The climate is  influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, but also from the influence of the continental climate coming from inside the European continent. Rainfall ...

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Brussels: a modern city with a beautiful historical center

The city of Brussels (Bruxelles/Brussel) in addition to being the capital of Belgium is also the seat of several institutions of the European Union (including the European Commission, the European Council, the Council of the European Union, and one of the ...

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How to get to Belgium: flights, trains, buses, ferries

AIRPORTS AND FLIGHTS TO BELGIUM International Flights: The most important airport of Belgium is the Brussels International Airport, the capital’s airport which is located 13 km north-east of the city center. All international flights landing in Belgium arrive at Brussels ...

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Belgium travel insurance, health insurance, documents, plugs, sockets, mobile phones

BELGIUM DOCUMENTS Travel Documents: For Europeans citizens of all ages a valid travel document for entry into Belgium include: Identity Card valid for foreign travel or a Passport. Even children and young people must have their own document. US and Canadian ...

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Belgium climate: when to go to Belgium

The climate of Belgium is temperate maritime which means that it is largely influenced by air masses coming from the Atlantic Ocean. The Belgian climate is markedly variable, with frequent and rapid movements of air masses. Along the coast has ...

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Belgium tourist attractions: what to see in Belgium

Belgium has its strength in the beauty of some historical cities such as Brugge (Bruges), Antwerp, Gent. Centers that in the Middle Ages were among the most important trading cities of the continent and that have preserved almost intact their ...

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Belgium: Brussels and the historic towns of Flanders and Wallonia

Belgium (Royaume de Belgique, Koninkrijk België, Königreich Belgien) is a hereditary monarchy composed of 3 Regions (Brussels-capital, Flanders, Wallonia) and of three Communities: French, Flemish and German Language Community. It is a part of the European Union. Belgium borders on ...

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