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The climate of Malaysia: when to go to Malaysia

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The climate in Malaysia is equatorial, hot and humid, subject to monsoon rains. The north-east monsoon brings heavy rains between October and February along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, in the north east Sabah and west Sarawak.

On the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the monsoon brings rains between September and December. In several areas of the country there are two distinct rainy season between March and May and between September and November.

The monsoon of south-west blowing between June and September, and particularly affects the south-west coast of Sabah, this monsoon is less humid than the north-east monsoon. Peninsular Malaysia receives an annual average of around 2,500 mm of rain, in the highlands, rainfall is more, arriving in Maxwell’s Hill to 5,000 mm per year, also the Malaysian Borneo in some areas exceeds 5,000 mm of rain a year. Temperatures vary little from season to season and even between day and night changes are minimal. The minimum temperatures are above 20°C while the maximum temperature exceeds 30°C throughout the year.

The capital Kuala Lumpur is hot and humid all year round, with rain well distributed, but with maximum rainfall in the months between March and April and between September and November, the rain often falls in the form of intense afternoon showers. The relatively driest months of the year are June and July.

The sea water temperature is constant throughout the year between 27 ° C and 29 ° C.


The best time for a trip to Malaysia are the relatively dry months between June and August.

The climate of Kuala Lumpur.


KUALA LUMPUR (66 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 23,4 32,0 193  17
February 23,6 32,8 198  17
March 24,0 33,1 257  19
April 24,3 33,1 290  20
May 24,6 33,0 197  18
June 24,3 32,8 131  14
July 23,8 32,8 148  16
August 23,9 32,3 162  16
September 23,8 32,1 214  19
October 24,0 32,0 265  21
November 23,8 31,7 321  24
December 23,6 31,5 252  22
YEAR 23,9 32,4 2628  223

Month Sea Water Temperature °C
January 27
February 27
March 28
April 29
May 29
June 29
July 29
August 29
September 29
October 29
November 28
December 28

This post is also available in: 简体中文 繁體中文 Deutsch Русский

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