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Utah: the most beautiful parks in the Far West

Utah (Beehive State), is the state of the Mormons, who are still nearly 60% of the population. Utah it’s located in the western part of the United States and is a landlocked country, bordered to the south by Arizona, to the west by Nevada, to the north-west by Idaho, to the north-east by Wyoming, to the east by Colorado and to the south-east it has a corner of its territory in common with New Mexico. The capital and the largest city in Utah is Salt Lake City.

The territory of Utah is one of the richest in natural beauty of the United States, formed mostly by plateaus crossed by several mountain ranges that are part of the Rocky Mountains, among which the most important is that of the Wasatch Range that runs through the state from north to south, while to the north-east are the Uinta Mountains, where is the highest mountain in Utah, the Kings Peak (4,123 meters).

To the west lies the arid Great Basin, which includes, in the northwest also the Great Salt Lake Desert and the Great Salt Lake. To the southeast extends the Colorado Plateau, crossing by the Colorado River, which over the millennia, has formed a beautiful landscape, it is in this area that there are the five national parks of the Utah.

The major attractions of this state are its fantastic natural beauties. Here tourists can find the typical landscapes of the American West made of spectacular rock formations typically colored in red. In this state are some famous national parks like Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Zion and Arches.

  • Area: 219 887 sq. km. (13th largest state of the United States of America)
  • Population: 2,736,000 (data 2008) (Whites 89.2%, Asian 1.7%, Amerindian 1.3%, Blacks 0.8%. Hispanics (classified into different racial types) are 9.0%. Data 2000).
  • State Capital: Salt Lake City.
  • Languages: The official language is English (spoken as a first language by 85,9% of the population). Spanish is spoken as a first language by 9.0% of the population. (Data 2005).
  • Religion: Christian 83% (Roman Catholic (10%), Evangelical (7%), Protestant (7%), Mormon (58%)).
  • Time zone: (UTC-7; Summer UTC-6).

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