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The climate of Lake Bled: when to go to Lake Bled

The climate of Lake Bled is of a sub-alpine nature but is temperate due to the protection that guarantee the mountains that surround it. The area of Lake Bled has an average temperature in July of 18 ° C, while ...

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Lake Bled: a glacial lake in an enchanting setting

Lake Bled (Blejsko jezero) is a popular tourist destination in Slovenia, located in the north-west of the country at a height of 457 meters above sea level. Lake Bled is nestled in the mountains of the Slovenian Alps just 57 ...

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Kranjska Gora: a famous ski center in Slovenia

Kranjska Gora (5,500 inhabitants) is an important holiday and winter tourism center located in the Julian Alps. This alpine village has become famous above all thanks to the ski world cup competitions that are regularly held there. The village, whose ...

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Postojna Cave: the wonder of the Karst

Postojna (14,500 inhabitants) is a town located in Slovenia just 35 km from the border with Italy and 45 km from Trieste. Postojna has become especially famous for its wonderful cave. These wonders of nature were open to the public ...

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Maribor: the second largest city in Slovenia

Maribor (130,000 inhabitants) is the second largest city in Slovenia. This historic city is located in Lower Styria along the banks of the Drava river at about 273 meters above sea level. The city is situated in a very favorable ...

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Ljubljana: an Old Town with baroque churches and palaces

Ljubljana (270,000 inhabitants) is the largest city and the capital of Slovenia. The city is located between the Alps and the Karst in a flat area at about 300 meters above sea level along the banks of the Ljubljanica river. ...

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Slovenia power plugs and sockets, telephones

SLOVENIA: DOCUMENTS To enter Slovenia, European citizens must have a passport or identity card valid for travel abroad. Children and minors must have their own passport / identity card. A passport is required for citizens of other countries. In addition, ...

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How to get to Slovenia. Flights to Slovenia

HOW TO GET TO SLOVENIA: FLIGHTS AND AIRPORTS International Flights: Slovenia has three international airports, Ljubljana, Maribor and Portoroz, but the only truly functioning airport is that of the capital Ljubljana. Slovenia’s most important airport is the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik ...

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The climate of Slovenia: when to go to Slovenia

Slovenia has a continental climate which, however, due to its proximity to the sea, is made milder by the marine influence, this influence is stronger in the vicinity of the Istrian coast and less strong in the hinterland. In mountainous ...

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Tourist attractions of Slovenia: what to see

Slovenia is a small nation, but rich in diversity and tourist attractions. In this small territory there are karst landscapes of great suggestion, such as those of the caves of Postojna (Postumia) and Skocjan. But also the alpine lakes, such ...

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Slovenia: mountains, caves and plains

Slovenia (Republika Slovenija) is a small South-Eastern European country located at the northern end of the Balkan peninsula. It became independent in 1991 with the dissolution of Yugoslavia and in 2004 it joined the European Union. The country has a ...

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