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The climate of Bruges: when to go to Bruges

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The climate of Bruges is continental Atlantic with frequent and widespread rainfall, with rather harsh winters due to the cold winds of the Baltic, the summers are cool and rainfall is distributed evenly throughout the year, the average annual precipitation is about 820 mm.

The city of Bruges is dominated by a kind of mainly temperate climate, but as in all of Belgium, extremely variable. Because of its proximity to the sea, the climate of Bruges has relatively mild winters and quite cold summers. The warm Gulf Stream has a moderating influence on the climate of the city.

The climate is quite variable at any time of the year in the same day you can have rain and sun, it is good to prepare for any eventuality. The wettest months of the year are usually the ones of October, November and December, but rain falls throughout the year. The sunniest months are those that go from June to August, although these months are often characterized by strong thunderstorms.

The winter temperatures are often below zero, with average minimum ranging between 2°C to 3°C, the maximum average winter temperatures vary between 7°C and 8°C.

The average summer temperatures have minimum ranging between 11°C and 13°C, the maximum average summer temperatures ranging between 22°C to 19°C.


The best time to visit Bruges are the months of late spring and summer, namely the months between May and September.

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BRUGES (2 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 2 7 63,9  21
February 2 8 57,2  18
March 4 10 50,2  19
April 5 13 45,3  18
May 9 16 58,5  16
June 11 19 63,5  16
July 13 21 81,6  16
August 13 22 70,8  17
September 11 19 82,5  18
October 8 15 73,4  21
November 4 10 88,3  22
December 2 7 85,4  21
YEAR 820,6  223

This post is also available in: Čeština Deutsch polski