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Nosy Be: the island of perfumes and lemurs

Nosy Be is a small island located in the Mozambique channel just 8 kilometers from the northwestern coast of the large African island of Madagascar. Nosy Be measures 321 sq km and is an island of volcanic origin. The island ...

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Madagascar attractions: a paradise on earth

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS OF MADAGASCAR Natural beauty and ecological diversity are exceptional characteristics that have given Madagascar the nickname “eighth continent”. This is because the island thanks to these peculiarities is a world in itself. Home to baobabs and orchids, a ...

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The climate of Madagascar: when to go to Madagascar

Madagascar, the large island alongside the coasts of East Africa, has a climate that varies according to latitude and altitude. In the country there are three main climatic areas: in the highlands of the interior of the island the climate ...

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Madagascar: the red Island, the land of contrasts

Madagascar is a large island located in the Indian Ocean 500 km to the east of the African coast of Mozambique. It is after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo the largest island of the world. The national capital is the ...

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