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Tallinn, Estonia. Autore Јакша. No Copyright
Tallinn, Estonia. Author Јакша

Estonia climate: when to go to Estonia

The climate in Estonia is temperate continental, the presence of the Baltic Sea causes differences in temperature between the coastal regions and the interior of the country, this is why in the coastal areas and in the islands, the climate is milder than inland. Because of these factors we can say that the climate of Estonia is a transitional climate between maritime climate and continental climate.

Because of its northern latitude, the country has very short and fairly mild summers, in average summer temperatures are around 18°C, while the winters are long, cold and dark, in winter average temperatures in January are around 5°C, but on cold days the temperature can drop to -30°C.

The northern latitude of Estonia means long summer days (the longest days of summer last 19 hours), and dark winters with days lasting only 6 hours. The rains are a whole rather scarce, are distributed throughout the year, but are most intense between June and November. The average annual rainfall varies between 500 mm and 700 mm.

Tallinn, Estonia. Autore Gunnar Bach Pedersen. No Copyright

Tallinn, Estonia. Autore Gunnar Bach Pedersen

Heavy snowfall is common during the winter months, the snow is usually present on the ground between December and March, on average, the snow remains on the ground between 75 and 135 days a year.


The best time for a trip to Estonia are the months between April and September. July and August are the hottest months, but often also the wettest.

Tallinn climate.


TALLINN (9 metres)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days (snowy days)
January -5,9 -1,0 56  10 (19)
February -7,1 -1,6 36  8 (18)
March -4,1 2,3 37  9 (13)
April 0,6 9,2 32  12 (5)
May 5,2 15,3 36  11
June 9,5 18,9 64  13
July 12,7 21,9 84  13
August 12,0 20,4 86  14
September 7,6 15,2 67  17
October 3,8 9,5 78  18 (2)
November -0,9 3,5 70  16 (11)
December -4,3 0,4 57  12 (18)
YEAR 2,4 9,5 704  153 (87)

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