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The Beqa Valley: the agricultural region of Lebanon

Anjar, Beqa Valley, Lebanon. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Bordered by the two mountain ranges of Mount Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon, the Beqa valley is the most important agricultural area in Lebanon. Mount Lebanon separates it from the Lebanese coast, while the mountains of the Anti Lebanon mark the ...

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Lebanon: a small country rich in history and archeology

Sunset on the Pigeon Rocks, Beirut, Lebanon. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

If we talk about Lebanon in the current imagination, people remember a place of war and instability, but today the country is a quiet destination with splendid archaeological sites and a thousand-year history. The civil war that destroyed the country ...

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The climate of Lebanon: when to go to Lebanon

The climate of Lebanon is Mediterranean, but influenced by the presence of mountains running parallel to the coast and that block the flow of moist air into the interior. The western slopes of the mountains of Lebanon are the wettest ...

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Lebanon: the land of cedars and Phoenicians

Lebanon (Al-Jumūhrīya al-Lubnānīya) is a presidential republic in the Middle East, which is bordered to the north and east by Syria, to the south by Israel, to the west is washed from the Mediterranean Sea. The most important city is ...

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