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Dublin climate: when to go to Dublin

Dublin has a temperate maritime climate, with very variable and abrupt climate changes, but characterized by mild winters, and bright and fresh summers, with lack of temperature extremes, with variations in seasonal temperatures less pronounced for a city of this northern latitude. The ...

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Ireland climate: when to go to Ireland

Ireland is an island located in the Atlantic Ocean, its location and lack of large mountains makes its climate typically oceanic, climatic characteristics of the Irish climate is its extreme variability, its mild temperatures, frequent rainfall and persistent fog. The ...

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Ireland tourist attractions: what to see in Ireland

Ireland is a country of green spaces slightly undulating, a relaxing pastoral land in the interior, but often, along the coast, manifests itself in its wild beauty, the island is known for its natural beauty, among which may include the ...

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Ireland: cliffs, lush pastures and nature

Ireland or Eire (Republic of Ireland/Poblacht na hÉireann) is a parliamentary republic, which occupies most of the island of the same name. Only the north-eastern section the so-called Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. The Republic of Ireland ...

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