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How to get to Hungary. Flights to Hungary

HOW TO GET TO HUNGARY: FLIGHTS AND AIRPORTS Hungary’s main international airport is Ferihegy Airport in Budapest. From this airport it is possible to reach dozens of destinations in the world managed by a total of over 50 airlines. Many ...

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Hungary power plugs and sockets, telephones

HUNGARY: DOCUMENTS To visit Hungary, European citizens must have an Identity Card valid for expatriation or a Passport. Children and minors must have their own passport / identity card. Citizens of some countries must apply for a Visa. Driving license: ...

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The climate of Budapest: when to go to Budapest

The climate of Budapest is a temperate continental type climate, usually relatively dry and especially with cold winters and hot summers. The differences in seasonal temperatures are quite high, the average maximum temperatures vary between 26 ° C in the ...

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Budapest: an important city of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

The city of Budapest was founded in 1873 by the union of two ancient centers built since the Middle Ages along the banks of the Danube. These towns were Buda, located on the right bank of the river, and Pest, ...

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The climate of Hungary: when to go to Hungary

Hungary is a nation in Central and Eastern Europe characterized by a mainly continental climate. The climate of Hungary has among its characteristics a marked variability during each month of the year and strong temperature variations both daily and seasonal. ...

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Tourist attractions of Hungary: what to see in Hungary

Hungary was an integral part of the great Habsburg empire until the end of the First World War. The so-called Austria-Hungary, of which the country was an important part. Due to its geographical position, Hungary has represented a crossroads of ...

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Hungary: a vast plain crossed by the Danube

Hungary (Magyar Köztársaság) occupies the vast plain crossed by the Danube, which stretches between the Alps and the Carpathians. The country has no access to the sea, but possesses in Lake Balaton a large lake, located in the western part ...

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