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Hungary climate: when to go to Hungary

Hungary’s climate is continental and is characterized by great variability throughout the year and strong temperature differences both daily and seasonally. The Hungarian summer, from June to August, it is very hot, while spring has a mild climate. Autumns are ...

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Hungary tourist attractions: what to see in Hungary

Hungary, which was until the end of World War I part of the great Habsburg Empire, Austria-Hungary, of which the country was an important part, because of its geographical position, has been a crossroads since the Middle Ages of the ...

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Hungary: a vast plain crossed by the Danube

Hungary (Magyar Köztársaság) occupies the vast plain crossed by the Danube, which stretches between the Alps and the Carpathians. The country has no access to the sea, but possesses in Lake Balaton a large lake, located in the western part ...

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