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Comoros Islands climate: when to go to the Comoros

Located just south of the Equator Comoros islands have a tropical maritime climate, characterized by two distinct seasons according to rainfall. The islands of the Comoros have in fact an hot and humid season between December and April, and a cool and relatively dry season between May and November.

The average maximum temperatures vary between 31°C in December and 27°C in August, while the average minimum temperatures vary between 23°C in February and 19°C in July.

The average annual rainfall varies between 1,100 mm and 2,900 mm, and rain is more intense on the north-east areas of the islands.

The Comoros are subject to tropical cyclones in the months between January and April. On average, the islands may be affected by cyclones once or twice every ten years. The least rainy months are those between August and November, while the most rainy month is January.


The best time to visit the Comoros Islands is the dry season between May and November.


MORONI (29 metres)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 23,4 30,4 364  18
February 23,3 30,4 293  16
March 23,0 30,8 279  18
April 22,6 30,4 316  18
May 21,2 29,5 256  12
June 19,6 28,4 266  12
July 18,8 27,7 244  12
August 18,4 27,7 150  10
September 19,0 28,1 108  11
October 20,3 29,1 97  12
November 21,6 30,3 108  12
December 22,6 30,8 219  16
YEAR 21,2 29,5 2700  167
Month Sea Water Temperature °C
January 29
February 29
March 29
April 29
May 29
June 28
July 27
August 26
September 26
October 27
November 28
December 29

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