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Santa Cruz de la Sierra climate: when to go to Santa Cruz de la Sierra

The city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra – the economic and financial engine of Bolivia – is located in the eastern part of the country along the river Piraí in a large flat area a little more than 400 ...

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La Paz climate: when to go to La Paz

La Paz is known for being the highest capital city in the world, in fact, the city is located in the Bolivian Andean plateau at over 3,600 meters high. Its location at high altitude means that La Paz has a ...

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Bolivia travel insurance, travel documents, plugs and sockets, mobile phones, health care, currency

La Paz, Bolivia. Author and Copyright Nello and Nadia Lubrina

BOLIVIA TRAVEL DOCUMENTS Documents: To travel to Bolivia, you must have a passport valid for at least six months from the date of departure. Even babies and children need their own passport. Visa: not required for tourist stays of less than three ...

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Bolivia tourist attractions: what to see in Bolivia

Bolivia is an underdeveloped country also from the point of view of tourism, but the beauty of its landscapes and the customs and culture of its people dressed in multi-colored clothes  are very yummy things for tourists in search of something ...

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Bolivia climate: when to go to Bolivia

Bolivia climate varies dramatically between different regions of the country, although the whole Bolivian falls entirely in the tropical area, climate is affected greatly by differences in height and in precipitation. For example, the average annual temperature in La Paz, ...

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Bolivia: landscapes and multicolored populations

Bolivian costume. Author and Copyright Nello and Nadia Lubrina

Bolivia (Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia/Plurinational State of Bolivia) is a presidential republic located in central-western South America. It is a landlocked country and bordered to the north and to the east by Brazil, to the south by Paraguay and Argentina ...

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