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Traveling with children: a cruise to Antarctica

Andrea and Mattia in Antarctica. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Sometimes traveling with small children in tow is a problem for parents who are seen to face all sorts of doubts and problems related to the costs, destinations, and medicines to take and organize a trip with children. These problems ...

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Patagonia climate: when to go to Patagonia

The Argentine Patagonia, which includes the provinces of Rio Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz, Neuquén and Tierra del Fuego, is formed by a vast plateau that descends from the Andes up to the Atlantic Ocean. This region of Argentina which extends to ...

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San Ignacio Mini: spectacular ruins of a Guarani Jesuit mission

San Ignacio Miní, Misiones, Argentina. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini..

San Ignacio Miní was one of the many missions founded by the Jesuits in South America in the seventeenth century, they founded some 30 missions in the territory today between the states of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Many ancient ruins ...

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Iguazu Falls climate: when to go to Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, Brazil-Argentina. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini.

The Iguazu Falls are located in an area of tropical rainforest, characterized by frequent rains and high humidity of the air, the region’s climate is sub-tropical humid, and is divided into two distinct seasons, the hot and wet summer season from October ...

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Iguazu Falls: the natural wonder of South America

Iguazu Falls, Brazil-Argentina. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini.

Iguazu Falls are located along the border between Brazil and Argentina, they are formed by the river homonymous, creating one of the natural wonders of the planet Earth. The number of falls varies from 270 to 150, depending on the ...

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Iguazu Falls: Argentine side what to see

Garganta del Diablo, Iguazú Falls, Brazil-Argentina. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

The Argentine side of Iguazú Waterfalls is found in the northeast of the Argentine province of Misiones, along the border with Brazil, at about 17 kilometers from Puerto Iguazú. To preserve the waterfalls and the sub-tropical forest around the waterfalls ...

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Argentina climate: when to go to Argentina

Because of the great extension from north to south of Argentina, and the different elevations of the various regions of the country, Argentina has several types of climate. Most of the country has temperate climate, while the far north has ...

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Argentina: pastures, mountains and glaciers

Argentina (República Argentina/Argentine Republic) is a federal presidential republic situated between the Tropic of Capricorn and 55° latitude south. It extends in the north-south direction for about 3,700 km in the southern part of South America. It is washed to ...

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