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Cape Verde

Boa Vista: beaches, dunes and turtles

Boa Vista is the easternmost island of the Cape Verde archipelago. This means that it is the closest to Africa, it is in fact about 570 km from the African continent. Vaguely rounded in shape, it covers an area of ...

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Climate of Cape Verde: when to go to Cape Verde islands

The Cape Verde Islands are located in the tropical climate zone, they have a type of semi-desertic tropical climate tempered by the trade winds blowing constantly. Temperatures vary little during the year, the maximum average temperatures vary between 30°C and ...

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Cape Verde: an archipelago of volcanic islands

The Islands of Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) are an archipelago of volcanic origin located 600 km to the west coast of Africa. The islands were discovered in the fifteenth century by Portuguese navigators. At that time the islands were uninhabited ...

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