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San Diego: the ancient capital of Mexican California

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The city of San Diego is located south of Los Angeles along the southern coast of California a few kilometers from the Mexican border. The city located along a bay on the Pacific Ocean was founded by the Spanish in 1769 as a fortified settlement and mission. Between 1825 and 1846 San Diego was the capital of Mexican California. The city has experienced great development in recent decades, becoming one of the most important metropolises in California.

This city, thanks to its healthy and mild climate, is today one of the most popular residential centers in California. The city is also a thriving cultural center with interesting museums and headquarters of important scientific organizations, including oceanographic and biological research institutes.


Among the attractions of the city undoubtedly the ancient small historic center (Old San Diego State Historic Park) of Spanish imprint has its charm. There are ancient Spanish-style houses dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

The large Zoological garden is located inside the beautiful Balboa Park. In the city there are also some interesting museums including the Natural History Museum and the Aerospace Museum. In Mission Bay Park there is the wonderful Sea World aquarium.

The ancient Spanish mission of San Diego de Alcalá is located 7 miles from downtown. This mission was the first founded by the Spanish in California. It was originally founded on the Presidio Hill in 1769 and was moved to its present position in 1774.

Astronomy lovers can visit the famous historic astronomical observatory of Mount Palomar just 55 miles from the city. Home to the historic Hale Telescope which, with a mirror over 5 meters in diameter, was until 1992 the largest telescope in the world.


The city’s airport is San Diego International Airport (SAN). The airport, which is located near the city center. It is well connected to all major North American and Central American airports.

The climate of San Diego: when to go.



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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