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Bryce Canyon tourist attractions: what to see in Bryce Canyon

Most park visitors make the classic sightseeing drive along the scenic road, which, along the route (one way) of 18 miles (29 km) allows the visit 13 viewpoints, the most beautiful of which are Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Inspiration Point and Bryce Point.

Among the viewpoints the first one starting from the entrance of the canyon is Fairyland Point where you can enjoy the Fairyland Amphitheater, from here also starts the Fairyland Loop trailhead, a path of 13 km that crosses the canyon.

After passing the Visitor Center you get to Sunrise Point, which offers the best views at dawn. From here starts the Queen’s Garden Trail, one of the most visited Bryce Canyon trails. Continuing the journey by car you get to Sunset Point, here as the name indicates you have the best views at sunset, when the sun’s rays illuminate and coloring of an indescribable orange color the spiers of the canyon. From here also starts the Navajo Trail. Inspiration Point is one of the best viewpoints in the canyon and is also a great spot to watch the sunsets.

From Bryce Point you can enjoy one of the most beautiful and complete view of the amphitheater of the canyon, Bryce Point is also famous for its magnificent sunsets. A short distance from Bryce Point is Paria View here are visible some spiers rising high above the bottom of the canyon and which are particularly photogenic when they are hit by the sun’s rays. Further down the road are the viewpoint of Swamp Canyon, Farview Point, Natural Bridge, Agua Canyon, Ponderosa Canyon, Rainbow Point and Yovimpa Point.


Bryce Canyon is a great place to walk in a fantastic scenery, to have an idea of the beauty of Bryce Canyon is necessary and advisable to make at least a walk inside the canyon, through the needles, to do so there are eight marked trails, paths that can be covered in a few hours or a day, and allow the visit inside the Bryce Canyon. One of the best routes to do is the Navayo Trail to be combined together with the Queens Garden Trail, the trail route is quite easy and is accomplished in 2-3 hours (see our diary).

The trails are classified into three levels: from easy, to moderate, to difficult. The itineraries of one day or less all fall in the first two categories. There are four easy routes, which present minor variations of slope:

Mossy Cave (0.8 mm / 1.3 km round trip). It is a path that runs along a small stream and leading to a small waterfall (the waterfall has water between May and October).

Rim Trail (0-11 mi / 0-17.7 km round trip). This is the route that runs along the canyon edge and connects the various viewpoints, you should make the short section between Sunset Point and Sunrise Point.

Bristlecone Loop (1.0 mpi / 1.6 km round trip). This path runs through spruce forests and allow a view of expansive vistas of the canyon.

Queen’s Garden (1.8 mi / 2.9 km round trip). This is one of the most famous routes of Bryce Canyon and lets see rock formations features, is very nice if it is combined as the final part of the Navajo Trail.

The other four are the itineraries with modest differences in height to be overcome:

Navajo Trail (1.3 mi / 2.2 km round trip). The Navajo Loop begins at the Sunset Point, and leads directly into the Bryce Amphitheater, offering views from the bottom to the top of the truly spectacular stone spiers. Its perfect completion is its continuation with the Queen’s Garden Trail.

Tower Bridge (3 mi / 4.8 km round trip). This route winds through a forest of pines and leads up to the China Wall.

Hat Shop (4 mi / 6.4 km round trip). This adventurous route leads to visit a series of rocky pinnacles in the balance.

Swamp Canyon (4.3 mi / 7.2 km round trip). This route explores the lesser known areas of Bryce Canyon.

Finally, there are three routes more  longer and more difficult:

Fairyland Loop (8 mi / 12.9 km round trip). Little frequented path that allows the visit of China Wall, the Tower Bridge and other rock formations.

Peek-A-Boo Loop (5.5 mi / 8.8 km round trip). This is a difficult but spectacular route in the Bryce Amphitheater.

Riggs Spring Loop (8.5 miles / 14.2 km round trip). Difficult hike through forests of fir trees.

Please note: During your excursion in the Bryce Canyon is necessary that you bring plenty of water.


Map of Queen's Garden-Navajo Loop Trail

Map of Queen’s Garden-Navajo Loop Trail

Length: 4.6 km round trip (the path is circular). Height difference: Ascent: 177 meters. Descent: 177 meters. Altitude Min / Max: 2,280 / 2,444 meters.

The Navajo Trail combined together at the Queen’s Garden Trail, is one of the best routes to do in Bryce Canyon, the trail route is quite easy and is accomplished in 2-3 hours (see our diary).

The path of the Navajo Loop Trail descends from Sunset Point through the canyons of Wall Street, where there is a 450 years old fir tree that rises up toward the sunlight at the top of the canyon.

The Navajo Loop Trail is the most popular trail in the park, and is often associated (as we did) with the Queen’s Garden Trail with whom form a longer ride that passes through the Queen’s Garden and emerges on the edge of the canyon at Sunrise Point.

From here we take a scenic and easy walk which is part of the Rim Trail, and that in 1 km to the north arrives at the starting point, the Sunset Point. The entire trail is easy and takes about 2-3 hours, the view from the base of hoodoos is fantastic and surreal.

Please note: During your excursion in the Bryce Canyon is necessary that you bring plenty of water.

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