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London climate: when to go to London

London’s climate is temperate and variable, with not too hot summers and cold winters, but rarely severe, the rains are regular, but light, throughout the year, the average annual rainfall is around 600 mm, is well below to that of Rome ...

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London: cosmopolitan city and the main tourist destination in the UK

Big Ben, London, United Kingdom. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

London is the largest and most populous city in the European Union and is also one of the most important financial and business centers in the world. London as well as being the capital of the United Kingdom is a ...

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United Kingdom climate: when to go to the United Kingdom

The climate in the UK is strongly influenced by the sea and in particular by the influences coming from the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf Stream that laps its shores makes the British climate relatively mild compared to its northern location. ...

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United Kingdom tourist attractions: what to see in United Kingdom

Tourism occupies a significant place in the UK economy with arrivals of tourists from every corner of the planet. The country was the largest colonial empire in history and left worldwide evidence of its culture and its language is now ...

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United Kingdom: London, Stonehenge, the Highlands of Scotland …

Big Ben, London, United Kingdom. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

The United Kingdom was for centuries the main maritime and colonial empire of modern history. This nation has greatly influenced the history of the planet of the last centuries. It is made up of a large island, Great Britain, which ...

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