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Climate of New Caledonia: when to go to New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a French territory made up of a group of islands located just north of the Tropic of Capricorn. Due to its position, New Caledonia benefits from a relatively temperate climate affected by the blowing of the trade winds and distinct in four seasons. In New Caledonia, the hot season is from December to March. In this period, in addition to high temperatures, torrential rains and strong winds can occur, and sometimes strong tropical cyclones can also occur.

The months of April and May represent a transition period for the climate of New Caledonia, during which the temperature decreases and the precipitations decrease. The cool season affects the months from June to August, in this period the minimum temperatures of the year are reached and the precipitations also decrease. During this period, disturbances of polar origin can occasionally lap the southern islands of New Caledonia, which bring rain and sometimes cool winds.

Kanumera, Isle of Pines, New Caledonia. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Kanumera, Isle of Pines, New Caledonia. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

The second season of transition of the climate of New Caledonia is from September to November. This is probably the best time to visit the islands of New Caledonia. In this period the temperatures start to rise, the trade winds blow non-stop and it is the least rainy time of the year.

The water temperature of the New Caledonia sea varies from 22 ° C in the months of August and September, up to 27 ° C in February.


As a consequence of what has been described, we can say that the best season for a trip to New Caledonia is the one that runs from September to November. But the country has a mild climate that allows visits at any time of the year. Probably to be excluded is the period from December to March due to possible tropical cyclones.

The official page of the Weather of New Caledonia.


NOUMEA (20 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 23,0 28,9 112,9  14,2
February 23,2 29,0 123,1  14,2
March 22,8 28,5 134,6  17,1
April 21,4 26,9 110,5  15,0
May 19,8 25,2 90,6  16,8
June 18,5 23,8 128,7  17,3
July 17,3 22,6 73,0  15,9
August 17,5 22,8 70,1  13,1
September 17,9 23,8 39,2  9,6
October 19,2 25,5 53,2  9,3
November 20,7 27,0 62,9  10,3
December 21,9 28,2 72,7  11,3
YEAR 20,3 26,0 1071,5  164,1
Month Sea Water Temperature °C
January 26
February 27
March 26
April 26
May 25
June 23
July 23
August 22
September 22
October 23
November 24
December 25



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