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The tourist attractions of the Canyon de Chelly: what to see

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Canyon de Chelly can be visited with your own car along two roads, North and South Rim Drives, of approximately 35 miles each. These roads pass along the edges of the two canyons and allow visiting the main attractions of the Canyon de Chelly. The southern road follows the Canyon de Chelly, while the northern one follows the edge of the Muerto Canyon.

Before visiting the park, it is always recommended, as in any park or nature reserve in the United States, to stop at the Visitor Center to get a more detailed picture of the environment and the place we are going to visit.


Along the South Rim Drive there are numerous points worth a stop. Among the tourist attractions of the Canyon de Chelly the first two places we find are the Overlook Tunnel and the Tsegi Overlook from which you can have a first view of the canyon in its final part. Continuing further we arrive at the first interesting stop, the Junction Overlook, from here you can see the union of the two canyons, the Chelly Canyon and the Muerto Canyon. Also on the opposite wall of the canyon are visible the Junction ruins, ruins of dwellings of the Anasazi Indians scenically embedded in the walls of the canyon.

Continuing along the road you reach the junction that leads to the White House Overlook, from where you can admire the White House Ruins, probably the most famous ruin in the park, built by the Anasazi Indians around the thirteenth century. A 2.5 mile (4 km) path leads from the vantage point to the ruins of the White House. This is the only path freely accessible to the public within the canyon. The other paths that enter the canyon require the presence of a Navajos guide.


Back on the main road we continue to the Sliding House Overlook. Another nice viewpoint on the canyon and from where you can see the Sliding House Ruins. Continuing we reach Face Rock Overlook and finally Spider Rock Overlook. These two beautiful viewpoints are among the tourist attractions of the Canyon de Chelly. Spider Rock is particularly famous. To reach it you need to take a short path through which we arrive at the panoramic balcony from which you have a wonderful view of the canyon and the famous Spider Rock, a tall and narrow monolith that rises 250 meters to the center of the canyon. This is probably the most beautiful place in the canyon.

With this wonderful vision ends the South Rim road, at this point it is necessary to go back and take North Rim Drive.


North Rim Drive follows the edge of the Muerto Canyon and has four interesting vantage points from which you can see some ruins of the Anasazi Indians. The first panoramic point we find is the Ledge Ruin Overlook, from where you can observe the ruins of Anasazi houses embedded in a rocky wall. Returning to the main road, the second panoramic point we find is that of Antelope House Overlook. These are remains of Anasazi houses located at the base of the canyon.

We then continue along the North Rim Drive to the junction for the Mummy Cave Overlook and the Massacre Cave Overlook, these are the last two panoramic stops on the Muerto Canyon. The Mummy Cave Overlook is another place not to be missed, one of the tourist attractions of the Canyon de Chelly, from which you can admire the Mummy Cave Ruins. These are evocative remains of Anasazi houses, encased in two caves, located halfway up the canyon wall.

The Massacre Cave Overlook takes its name from a bitter fight that occurred in 1805. In this area of the canyon, the Spaniards and the Navajos faced each other. The clash led to the killing of a large number of Indians.

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This post is also available in: Deutsch

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