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Climate of the Falkland Islands: when to go to the Falkland

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The climate of the Falkland Islands is temperate-cold oceanic, greatly influenced by the cold Antarctic currents. The Falkland Islands are just over 1,200 km north of Antarctica, so the islands also suffer from their south latitude, between 51 ° S and 53 ° S. These constraints make the climate of the islands not too hot in summer and not too cold in the winter months.

The climatic conditions are similar to those of Britain, but with less amount of precipitation, the wettest months are between December and May, the average annual rainfall is about 550 mm. Because of the prevailing winds the eastern shores of the islands are generally wetter. High and violent winds are a constant in the climate of the Falklands. The winds blow generally from the northwest.

The average maximum temperatures vary between 14.1 ° C in January and 5.1 ° C in July. While the average minimum temperatures vary between 5.4 ° C in February and -1.2 in July. The average minimum temperatures are below zero between June and September. While the average maximum temperatures exceed 14 ° C in January and February.

In the coastal waters of the Falkland Islands the temperature of the sea water are always maintained quite low. Even in the summer months when the water reaches the highest average temperature never exceeds 10 ° C. While in the winter months the temperatures of the sea water reaches average values below 5 ° C.


The best season to visit the Falkland Islands is perhaps the spring, that is, the months between September and November, which are the driest months of the year. In the summer months the temperatures are slightly higher, but the rains increase. The winds are present all year round. The clear days are very rare, generally about 50 days per year.


STANLEY (5 meters)
Month Temp. aver. low (°C) Temp. aver. high (°C) Precip. (mm) Rainy days
January 5,1 14,1  63  17
February 5,4 14,0  45  12
March 4,5 12,8  52  15
April 2,7 10,3  50  14
May 0,7 7,4  48  15
June -0,5 5,6  45  13
July -1,2 5,1  41  13
August -1,0 6,0  38  13
September -0,2 7,7  34  12
October 1,5 9,9  36  11
November 2,7 11,9  39  12
December 4,4 13,4  52  15
YEAR 2,0 9,8 544  162
Month Temperature of the sea °C
January 9,5
February 9,8
March 9,2
April 7,7
May 6,5
June 5,6
July 5,0
August 4,7
September 4,8
October 5,3
November 6,8
December 8,4

This post is also available in: Deutsch