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North Macedonia

How to get to Macedonia. Flights to North Macedonia

AIRPORTS AND FLIGHTS TO NORTH MACEDONIA North Macedonia is connected to the rest of Europe via two international airports. These airports are used to arrive in the country. The airport of the country’s capital, Skopje Airport and the smaller Ohrid ...

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Macedonia power plugs and sockets, telephones

MACEDONIA DOCUMENTS Documents: For entry into North Macedonia, European citizens must have a passport or identity card. Even children and minors must have their own personal passport or identity card. For citizens of some countries outside the European Union, in ...

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The climate of Macedonia: when to go to Macedonia

Macedonia has a pronounced continental climate with cold winters, pronounced variations in temperatures and temperatures that can drop to -15 degrees. The summers are hot with temperatures that can reach 40 degrees. The dry air makes, however, tolerable the extreme ...

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Macedonia tourist attractions: what to see in Macedonia

The Republic of North Macedonia has a rich heritage of cultural, artistic and architectural attractions. Its churches and mosques contain many fine examples of art and architecture of the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The cultural and natural heritage of the ...

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North Macedonia: Orthodox monasteries and mountains

North Macedonia is a small parliamentary republic located in the southern Balkans. The country has common boundaries to the north with Serbia, to the east with Bulgaria, to the south with Greece and to the west with Albania. Macedonia has ...

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