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Medjugorje climate: when to go to Medjugorje

Medjugorje is situated in the southern part of Bosnia-Herzegovina in a vast plain, surrounded by mountains, a few kilometers from the Adriatic sea, in a position that is about half way between Split and Dubrovnik (Ragusa).

Because of its position, the climate of Medjugorje is influenced by the nearby presence of the sea and the continentality coming from the inland areas of the Balkan peninsula. These influences make the climate of Medjugorje very hot and dry in summer, and relatively wet and relatively cold in winter.

During the winter, the snow is often found in the mountains that surround the village, in Medjugorje temperatures rarely drop below freezing, but the breath of bora makes it seem even colder than the real ones. In winter the rains are very frequent, the wettest months are those that go from October to March.

The summers are hot and drier than other seasons, but the rains are possible, the driest month of the year is July. The average maximum temperatures in summer often exceed 30°C and the heat sometimes causes the feeling that the temperatures are much higher than they are really.


The best time to travel to Medjugorje are the spring and summer months between May and September. In particular, the months with the best weather are those of May, June and September.


Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 1,9 8,4 165  13
February 3,2 10,8 151  12
March 5,4 14,6 150  12
April 8,4 19,0 127  13
May 12,5 24,0 102  12
June 15,8 27,6 78  12
July 18,6 31,1 43  7
August 18,4 30,8 74  8
September 15,3 26,9 96  8
October 11,2 21,0 151  11
November 6,7 14,5 200  13
December 3,3 9,7 179  13
YEAR 10,1 19,9 1516  134

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