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Romania climate: when to go to Romania

Turda Gorges (Cheile Turzii), Romania. Author Cristian Bortes. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Romania, due to its location in the south-eastern Europe, has a temperate continental climate of transition, with four distinct seasons, where temperatures vary significantly on a seasonal basis, but such changes will mitigate approaching the sea. The climatic seasons of ...

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Romania tourist attractions: what to see in Romania

Sibiu, Romania. Author Stefan Bichler. No Copyright

Romania is a country with many attractions for tourists interested in art, history and cultural traditions of the peoples who make up the country, the nature plays an important role for the tourist not in a hurry. The Roman occupation, ...

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Romania: mountains, Roman ruins and beaches on the Black Sea

Bran Castle, Brașov, Romania. Author Dobre Cezar. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Romania (România) is a country of South-East Europe that has the particularity of possessing a Romance language based on Latin. It is surrounded by Slavic-speaking countries. Thus Romania is the only country of South-Eastern Europe, which has retained a language ...

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