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Oman climate: when to go to Oman

Oasis, Oman. Author Hendrik Dacquin. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution

The Oman has an arid and warm climate, along the coast is strong is the humidity of summer, which creates a strong feeling of unease. The interior of the country is very dry and arid, the climate is desert with ...

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Oman: forts, natural landscapes and traditions

Fort Al-Jalali, Muscat, Oman. Author Andries Oudshoorn. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Oman (Saltanat ‘Omān) is a sultanate situated in the south-east of the Arabian peninsula with as capital Muscat, which borders to the north-west with the United Arab Emirates, to the west by Saudi Arabia, and to the south-west with Yemen, ...

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