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Sri Lanka

Tourist attractions of Sri Lanka: what to see in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the ancient Taprobane, known until 1972 with the name of Ceylon is a splendid island nestled in the Indian ocean in south-east India. Island of spices, tea and coffee, but also of other agricultural products such as rice, ...

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The fortress of Sigiriya: the Lion rock

Sigiriya the Lion rock is a natural inselberg rising from the jungle of central Sri Lanka. The caves and cavities of this spectacular rock were used in the third century as a refuge for Buddhist monks. A cobra-shaped rock stretches ...

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Kandy: Buddhist temples and botanical gardens

Throughout Kandy it is as if the landscape had taken a bath of color and had come out decorated of such intense shades as to be blinding. The fruit in the markets, the Buddhist temple of Dalada Maligawa, the elephants ...

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The climate of Sri Lanka: when to go to Sri Lanka

The island of Sri Lanka has an equatorial climate, with rather mild temperature ranges. Due to the influx of monsoons, the island has two distinct climatic seasons: a dry season and a wet season. A CLIMATE INFLUENCED BY MONSOONS Monsoons ...

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Sri Lanka: beaches, precious stones and tea plantations

Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka) is an island state in southern Asia, which occupies the entire island of Ceylon. This island is located in the Indian Ocean north of the equator and south of India. THE ANCIENT ...

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