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Denver: one of the most modern and vibrant American cities

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The city of Denver has a recent origin, it was founded in the mid-nineteenth century in full gold rush. The first name of the city was that of Auraria, a name given to it because of the gold deposits discovered in its vicinity. From a small remote village close to the Rocky Mountains, Denver has become, in a century, one of the most modern and vibrant American cities.

Located at a height of over 1,600 meters above sea level, the city extends into the valley of the South Platte River along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. The city is an important commercial and industrial center. Its position close to the mountains and at the end of the great plains makes it a fundamental junction of the American road and railway network.


One of the buildings that characterize the city center is the State Capitol Complex with the large golden dome of the State Capitol Building. Denver is a city full of skyscrapers and green parks. Among the most beautiful parks, Cheesman Park, located south-east of the city center, from which you have beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains.

In the city there are several important museums including the Denver Art Museum where you can admire the most important collection of American Indian art present in the United States. In the Historical Society Museum you can relive the history of the Wild West. An interesting visit is the one at the Denver Mint, the United States Mint, where you can discover the history of the coins and their processing. In the City Park, if you want to get to know better the fauna of the area, you can visit the Museum of Natural History with a rich collection of birds and animals and a planetarium for astronomy enthusiasts.

Just an hour’s drive from Denver is one of the most beautiful parks in the American Rocky Mountains, Rocky Mountains National Park. While Red Rocks Park is known for its unusual rock formations. For those who want to deepen their knowledge on the life and history of Buffalo Bill, in Denver, at Lookout Mountain, there is a museum dedicated to him and his grave.

Around Denver there are some of the most famous winter and summer tourist resorts of the Rocky Mountains, among these we find the famous ski centers of Aspen and Vail. The skiing season in Colorado runs from mid-November to mid-May.


Denver has an international airport. The Denver International Airport (DEN), which is located approximately 40km from the city center. The city is easily accessible with flights from all over the world.

The official page of the city government.

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