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Anse Lazio: The most beautiful beach on Praslin

The island of Praslin is one of the most beautiful in the Seychelles archipelago, in addition to being the second largest island it is also a quiet island full of natural wonders. Among these, of course, the beaches. One of ...

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Silhouette: An island almost entirely national park

Silhouette is a small mountainous island in the Seychelles which is located about 20 km northwest of the largest island in the archipelago, Mahé. Its surface is just over 20 square kilometers, but in such a small space the island ...

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Praslin: the island of the Vallée de Mai and the Coco de Mer

Praslin, with an area of 44 sq km, is the second largest island in the Seychelles. This island is located 40 km north-west of Mahé. It can be reached from Mahé with only 15 minutes by air flight, or 3 ...

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La Digue: the most traditional island of all Seychelles

La Digue (10 sq km) is the fourth largest island in the Seychelles archipelago. About 2,000 inhabitants live on this island. The island owes its name to the sailing ship of the French commander Marion Dufresne who landed on the ...

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The climate of the Seychelles: when to go to the Seychelles

Located in the western Indian ocean, the Seychelles islands are located just south of the equator, and have an equatorial / tropical climate. The temperatures undergo minimal seasonal variations but are mitigated by the breath of the monsoon winds. These ...

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Seychelles: granite and coral islands rich in beaches

The Seychelles (Republic of Seychelles/République des Seychelles/Repiblik Sesel) are an archipelago made up of islands located in the Indian Ocean. They are located to the east of the East African coast and to the north of Madagascar. THE GEOGRAPHY OF ...

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