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The climate of the United States of America: when to go

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Due to the immense extension of the country the climate of the United States of America is very varied. In fact, its climate varies from the tropical climate of Florida and the Hawaiian islands, up to the polar climate of part of Alaska. Among these climatic extremes there are other types of very different climates that characterize the climate of the United States.

The coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean has an oceanic climate. That is, a climate with little difference in seasonal temperatures and winter rains. Furthermore, proceeding south, along the Pacific coast, the climate becomes gradually milder, closely resembling the Mediterranean climate. This happens along the California coast south of San Francisco and up to the Mexican border.

The area of Sierra Nevada and the Rocky Mountains, at heights over 2,000 / 2,500 meters, has an alpine climate. While at lower altitudes, below 2,000 meters, the climate is semi-desert with little rain and great variations in temperatures between day and night and between seasons.

The areas of the Great Plains to the east of the Rocky Mountains also have a semi-desert climate with dry and cold winters and hot summers. The southern areas bordering the Gulf of Mexico have a humid subtropical climate. This type of climate is characterized by abundant rainfall and limited seasonal variations in temperatures.

While the northern regions towards the Great Lakes have a humid continental climate with strong seasonal temperature fluctuations, rainfall well distributed throughout the year, but more marked in summer, and abundant winter snowfall.

The coastal areas along the Atlantic Ocean have an oceanic climate, generally with hot summers and cold winters and rainfall well distributed throughout the year.


In general, the best times to visit the United States are the spring / summer months between May and September. But for example in Florida and in the states along the Gulf of Mexico, the summer months are the rainiest and those in which hurricanes are possible.

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This post is also available in: 简体中文 繁體中文 Deutsch

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