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Karakoram Highway: the highest paved frontier pass in the world

Passu Cones, Hunza Valley, Pakistan. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini.

The Karakoram Highway (Karakoram Highway) is an international road linking the city of Kashgar in China, in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, with Pakistan. Terminal city in Pakistan is considered to be the town of Havelian in the environs of Abbottabad. ...

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Yunnan photos: Faces and customs of the population

Women at the market in Zhoucheng, Yunnan, China. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

On this page other photos of my trip in Yunnan. Here I focus on the population. This peripheral province of China is known for high ethnic diversity. Indeed, Yunnan has the highest number of recognized ethnic groups among the provinces ...

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Flowering desert: a spectacle of nature

Namaqualand, South Africa. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Deserts are inhospitable areas of the earth characterized by great aridity. In these regions there is very little rainfall and life forms, both animal and vegetable, have to face some of the most hostile conditions on the planet. In deserts, ...

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Travel in the mountains of Central Asia

Passu Cones, Hunza Valley, Pakistan. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Crossing Kyrgyzstan, China and Pakistan A spectacular itinerary, a travel in the mountains of Central Asia, which from Kyrgyzstan through China reaches Pakistan. In part we drive the mythical Karakoram Highway, the road that connects China to Pakistan passing through ...

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Travel in Yunnan: landscapes and ethnic groups

The natural landscapes are among the tourist attractions of Yunnan, here the Rice fields, Yuanyang, Yunnan, China. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

This time I visited a province of China characterized by a wide variety of landscapes. The variety of ethnic groups living in Yunnan is even richer. Overall an excellent travel in Yunnan with visits to interesting places, including some outside ...

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The most spectacular waterfalls in the world

Garganta del Diablo, Iguazú Falls, Brazil-Argentina. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

The waterfalls are among the most exciting spectacles of nature. Almost every nation on Earth has waterfalls. There are waterfalls of a few meters high up to waterfalls that approach the kilometer in height. A waterfall is formed when the ...

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Tourist attractions of Yunnan: what to see in Yunnan

Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple, Dali, Yunnan, China. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

A particular China, a province in the southwest of this immense country, inhabited by a multitude of different ethnic groups. A land rich in very varied landscapes ranging from the first buttresses of the Himalaya mountains, which widely exceed six ...

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The climate of Yunnan: when to go to Yunnan

Black Dragon Pool, Lijiang, Yunnan, China. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Yunnan is located in the southern part of China close to the borders with Burma, Laos and Vietnam. This region of China is located at a rather low latitude and is crossed by the Tropic of Cancer line. Thanks to ...

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Hainan: a tropical island in southern China

The island of Hainan, an autonomous province of the People’s Republic of China, is the largest island in China with a territorial extension similar to that of Belgium (32,900 sq km). Located at the southeastern end of the country. The ...

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The climate of China: when to go to China

China is one of the largest nations on the planet and its size means that the country is characterized by multiple types of climate. The climate of China is extremely varied due to the huge differences in latitude, longitude and ...

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The climate of Macau: when to go to Macau

The climate of Macau is subtropical humid influenced by monsoon. The climate, as in much of southern China, is cool and sunny in winter (January-February), hot and rainy in spring (March-April) and summer (May-October), while it is mild and sunny ...

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Macau: casinos and colonial atmosphere

Macau is a city nestled on a peninsula and some islands that has become a special statute administrative region of China since late 1999, having been a Portuguese colony since 1557. Macau is located along the coast of the South ...

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The climate of Hong Kong: when to go to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is located on the Tropic of Cancer and has a monsoon type sub-tropical climate, characterized by hot and very wet summers, sometimes with the possibility of tropical cyclones, while winters are mild, sunny and dry. About 80% of ...

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Hong Kong: an old colony today the gateway to China

Hong Kong (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) is an administrative region with special status in China since 1997, after being a British colony since 1841. Hong Kong is located along the coast of the South China Sea and is formed ...

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The climate of Shanghai: when to go to Shanghai

The climate of Shanghai is tropical humid, hot in summer but cold in winter when, in January, the average minimum temperatures reach 0 ° C. In summer the average maximum temperatures exceed 30 ° C, but what makes this the ...

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Shanghai: the most modern city in China

Shanghai has always been one of the most important cultural and intellectual cities in China, but what makes this city unique is the fact that he developed in an incredible way in recent decades to become the third largest financial ...

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Eastern China: rivers and open plains densely populated

Eastern China is the most densely populated area of the country, this area is characterized by large flowing plains where flow the most important Chinese rivers: the Chang Jiang (Yangtze Kiang), the Huang He (Huang Ho, Yellow River ), and ...

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Western China: mountains and desert plateaus

Much of Western China territory is mountainous, in this part of the country rise up some of the highest mountain ranges of the world such as Himalayas, Tian Shan, Kunlun Shan, Karakoram, Pamir and Altaj, as well as extensive plateaus ...

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China: the most populous country in the world

China (Zhonghuá Rénmin Gònghéguó, People’s Republic of China) is the third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada. Furthermore, the Chinese population represents about 20% of the inhabitants of the entire planet. China along with India is the ...

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