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Valletta tourist attractions: what to see

Thanks to its 320 monuments, concentrated in an area of only 55 hectares, Valletta is one of the areas with the highest concentration of historic buildings in the world. The entire historic city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage ...

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Valletta: a fortified city in the middle of the Mediterranean

Valletta, the capital city of Malta, is a fortified city built in the 16th century. It represents one of the most amazing works of fortifications in the world. The city is located on the Sciberras peninsula, along the north-east coast ...

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Malta power plugs and sockets, telephones

MALTA DOCUMENTS Documents: To enter Malta, European citizens must have their passport or identity card valid for travel abroad. Children and minors must have their own passport / identity card. Citizens of other countries outside the European Union must have ...

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How to get to Malta. Flights to Malta

HOW TO GET TO MALTA: FLIGHTS AND AIRPORTS The island has only one international airport, Malta International Airport, which is located between the villages of Luqa and Gudja, 10 km from Valletta. This airport welcomes all flights arriving in the ...

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Casa Rocca Piccola: one of the last noble palace of Malta

The summer dining room, Casa Rocca Piccola, Valletta, Malta

Welcome to Casa Rocca Piccola! One of the last noble still lived palace in Valletta. This house is lived by an ancient Maltese family and his history goes up again to 400 years ago when the Riders of St. John decide ...

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The climate of Malta: when to go to Malta

Malta is an island located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, which has a mild and warm climate, typically Mediterranean, the main features of the Maltese climate are the long dry summers and the short and humid winters. The ...

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Tourist attractions of Malta: what to see in Malta

Thanks to its position, Malta has always been a link between European and African cultures. The island of Malta has countless tourist attractions. There are exceptional prehistoric remains, medieval monuments and fortifications, and interesting natural attractions. But the main tourist ...

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Malta: fortifications, prehistoric remains and sea

Malta (Republic of Malta/Repubblika ta’ Malta) is a parliamentary republic located in the central Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily between 36° and 35° north latitude. The country is made up of an archipelago, which consists of the islands of Malta, ...

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