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Saint Barthélemy: the Caribbean island of luxury

Saint Barthélemy is a popular tourist destination geared towards the high-end luxury tourist market. The island is small, its surface is just 24 sq km. Once you arrive on the island you can choose from a wide range of attractions. ...

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The climate of Saint Barthélemy: when to go

The island of Saint Barthélemy has a hot-humid tropical climate, with temperatures that undergo only slight variations throughout the year, and are moderated by the constant blowing of the north-east trade winds. The average maximum temperatures vary between 27 ° ...

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Saint Barthélemy: a former Swedish colony in the Caribbean

The island of Saint Barthelemy was once an ancient Swedish colony. But today it is a French overseas collectivity located in the Lesser Antilles between Saint-Martin in the north-west and Saint Kitts and Nevis in the south. The island is ...

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