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The climate of Tasmania: when to go to Tasmania

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Tasmania has a maritime temperate climate, with hot and mild summers (December-February) and cold and rainy winters, with snow in the mountains especially in July and August. The steady rain falling throughout the year, but since the prevailing winds are those that blow from west to east, the areas most exposed to rain are western coastal areas.

The average maximum temperature in Hobart, ranging between 21°C in February to 11°C in July, while the average minimum temperatures vary between 12°C in February and 4°C in July.

The average annual rainfall is 600 mm in Hobart, almost 800 mm in Devonport, and may exceed 1,500 mm along the west coast. The winter months between June and August are generally the wettest months of the year in Tasmania but the rain is a constant in the climate, in fact in the city of Hobart there are an average of 161 days of rain per year, with monthly averages ranging from 16 days of rain in the month of October to 9 days of rain in the month of February.

The water temperature of the sea around Tasmania is rather cold all year, in fact it varies between 17 ° C in February and 12 ° C for the months between August and October.


The best time to visit Tasmania are the summer months between December and March, presenting a warmer and relatively stable climate.


HOBART (8 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 11,9 21,7 47,6  10,9
February 12,1 21,7 39,9  9,4
March 10,9 20,2 44,9  11,3
April 9,0 17,3 50,8  12,3
May 7,0 14,5 46,4  13,6
June 5,2 12,0 53,8  14,4
July 4,6 11,7 52,5  15,4
August 5,2 13,1 53,6  15,5
September 6,4 15,1 53,2  15,3
October 7,8 17,0 61,7  16,2
November 9,3 18,7 54,3  14,1
December 10,8 20,3 56,3  12,2
YEAR 8,4 16,9 614,8  161,2
Month Sea Water Temperature °C
January 16
February 17
March 16
April 16
May 14
June 14
July 13
August 12
September 12
October 12
November 14
December 15



This post is also available in: 简体中文 繁體中文 Deutsch

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