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The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum is the most important museum in the world of works by Vincent Van Gogh. The museum houses about a quarter of his paintings, over half of the drawings, including also the artist’s childhood works and almost ...

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The climate of Amsterdam: when to go to Amsterdam

Amsterdam has an oceanic climate, influenced by its proximity to the North Sea, and by the presence of large basins of water all around the city. The winter days are not too cold, but are usually cloudy and humid, while ...

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Amsterdam: called Venice of the North for its canals

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands. The city has in fact 740,000 residents, while the population residing in the metropolitan area is around 1,450,000 people. The capital of the Netherlands is a multi-ethnic city, in fact, ...

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Amsterdam airport. How to get to Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM AIRPORT: Amsterdam has several air links with many European countries that arrive at the city’s main airport: the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Other flights also arrive in the most distant and rather inconvenient airports of Rotterdam (which is located over ...

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Netherlands power plugs and sockets, telephones

On this page a compendium of useful information for those who travel to Holland as a tourist. You will find above all which power plugs and sockets are used in the Netherlands. What documents are needed to enter the Netherlands. ...

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How to get to the Netherlands: Flights to Holland

HOW TO GET TO THE NETHERLANDS: FLIGHTS AND AIRPORTS The airplane is the most convenient way to get to Holland. Air transport is highly developed in the Netherlands. The most important airport in the country is Amsterdam-Schiphol, one of the ...

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Itinerary in Holland and Belgium. One week trip

Travel by car. Itinerary in Holland and Belgium. August 3 Itinerary in Holland and Belgium: ITALY – LUCERNE – STRASBOURG 800 km Today our car itinerary begins that will take us to visit Holland, part of Belgium, Paris and Provence. ...

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The climate of the Netherlands: when to go to Holland

The Netherlands are in the area affected by the Atlantic climate, but the inland areas of the country are also influenced by the continental influences from the heart of Europe. The influence of the Atlantic Ocean results in a climate ...

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The attractions of the Netherlands: what to see in Holland

The Netherlands is a country where arts and culture lived their heyday during the 17th and 18th centuries. In this period, the country dominated a commercial empire that extended across the seas of the whole planet. It was in these ...

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Netherlands: dams, canals and historic towns

The Netherlands (Koninkrijk der Nederlanden) are a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system, which includes the Caribbean islands of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. The country is bordered to the east by Germany and to the south by Belgium, to ...

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