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Cervino – Matterhorn: the most spectacular mountains in the Alps

Matterhorn (Cervino), Switzerland. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

The Cervino-Matterhorn (4,478 meters), called monte Cervino in Italian, Mont Cervin in French and Matterhorn in German is one of the most famous and photographed mountains of Europe. The Cervino-Matterhorn is located in the Central Alps, on the border between Italy (Valle ...

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Switzerland climate: when to go to Switzerland

Switzerland has a mixed alpine and continental climate characterized by great variability with abrupt and sudden changes in weather conditions and an abundant rainfall particularly in summer months. The factors that affect the climate of the country are the altitude, ...

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Switzerland tourist attractions: what to see in Switzerland

Matterhorn (Cervino), Switzerland. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Switzerland is par excellence the land of green pastures, mountain lakes and the majestic mountains of the Alps, the natural attractions are undoubtedly the main reason to visit Switzerland, the direct contact with nature, mountain resorts, the variety of landscapes, ...

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Switzerland: nature, pastures, mountains and glaciers

Switzerland (Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft/Confédération suisse/Confederazione Svizzera/Confederaziun svizra) is a federal state located along the Alps north of Italy and divided into 26 cantons. The country is bordered to the north by Germany and France, to the east by Austria, Liechtenstein and ...

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