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The attractions of the Arches National Park: what to see

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The Arches National Park is a park full of attractions. For his visit, at least a full day is recommended, there are many things to see and numerous paths, of all durations, to be covered. There are many scenic spots, accessible by car, which offer spectacular views of the park.

Starting from the park entrance, after a stop at the Visitor Center, we find the following panoramic points: the first is the Park Avenue Viewpoint. This is where the Park Avenue Trailhead trail starts, a 1.6 km (one way) moderate difficulty trail that takes 50 minutes. A little further on is the Belvedere on the La Sal Mountains, mountains that are often covered with snow, and contrast beautifully with the desert terrain of the park. Another scenic spot is the Courthouse Towers Viewpoint, which we always find along the main road, this is also the arrival point of the Park Avenue Trailhead trail.

Entering the park there is the Petrified Dunes Viewpoint, where you can admire the petrified dunes. We then reach one of the park’s attractions, the famous Balanced Rock, a huge stone hovering over another stone. A short path takes us right under the immense rock formation hovering.

From here a detour to the right of about 4 km (one way) takes us to visit numerous natural arches, all easily reachable through short paths, among these the visit of the Double Arch is not to be missed (easy path of 800 meters a / r ; 20 minutes), the two Windows and the Turret Arch (easy circular path of 1.6 km; 30 to 60 minutes), and the panoramic point on the Garden of Eden.


After returning to the main road we find another belvedere that of the Panorama Point. Shortly after turning right, take the road that leads to the Delicate Arch Viewpoint, from where you can see the Delicate Arch in the distance, one of the symbols of the park and one of the attractions of the park.

If you want to get closer to the arch, you must take the path that leads to the Delicate Arch, which starts from the Wolfe Ranch (which is 1.6 km before the Delicate Arch Viewpoint rest area). It is a rather long path (4.8 km a / r; about 3 hours) in full sun (bring a generous supply of water and a hat).

Returning to the main road, we find on the right two other panoramic points: the Salt Valley Overlook and the Fiery Furnace Viewpoint. While a few kilometers further there is the starting point of the path that leads to the Sand Dune Arch (600 meters a / r; 20 minutes). Through this path you can also reach the Broken Arch, which can however also be reached from the Devils Garden campground, from here are 2 km, about 50 minutes walk. Along the way we also find the beginning of the short path to the Skyline Arch (600 meters a / r; 20 minutes).


Just beyond the Campground we reach the rest area of the Devils Garden Trailhead, from where the interesting path that leads to the Devils Garden begins. Here you must definitely travel the part of the path to the famous Landscape Arch (3.2 km a / r; about 60 minutes), certainly the largest arch in the park and one of the largest natural arches in the world (88.42 meters amplitude).

Along this path, before reaching the Landscape Arch, the Tunnel Arch and the Pine Tree Arch meet with short detours. Beyond the Landscape Arch the path continues, but becomes more impervious, you can still visit the Wall Arch, the Partition Arch, the Navajo Arch, the Double O Arch and the Dark Angel. In this case, if you decide to travel the whole path, the length becomes 7.2 km a / r, to cover it all it takes about 4 hours a / r.

Arches National Park.

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This post is also available in: Deutsch

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