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The climate of Chicago: when to go to Chicago

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Chicago is located at a latitude of 41 ° north in the North American Great Lakes area along the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan, the city is affected by a type of humid and cold continental climate with four distinct and different seasons.

The rains are present at all times of the year but are more intense between April and November while they decrease slightly in the winter months between December and March. The average annual amount of precipitation for Chicago is 992 mm spread over 123 rainy days per year. Monthly rainy days vary between 8.2 days in September and 11.4 in May. Snow is a frequent occurrence during the winter, on average the city receives 94 cm of snow per year, most of which falls between December and March. Snow days are on average 28 per year.

Summers are hot and rainy, with average daily temperatures exceeding 24 ° C in July. In summer, the maximum average temperatures reach up to 29 ° C in July. In the summer months the city records on average about 20 days with average temperatures above 32 ° C. Summer is the rainiest time of the year but also the sunniest.

Springs and autumns have relatively mild temperatures. In the spring and autumn months the average temperatures vary between 10 ° C and 20 ° C. The winters are cold and snowy, with a few sunny days, and the average daily temperature of the months between December and February is below zero. The coldest month is January where the average temperatures in the 24 hours reach -4 ° C. In winter Chicago is among the coldest cities in the United States. Chicago has an average of 2,508 hours of sunshine per year.


The best time to travel to Chicago is the late spring and summer months, that is, from May to September. These months for the climate of Chicago are the rainiest of the year, but they have more pleasant temperatures than the cold winter months and are more likely to have sunny days (over 60%).


CHICAGO (180 meters)
MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Precip. (mm)Rainy days (snowy days)
January-7,7-0,352 10,7 (8,1)
February-5,72,149 8,8 (5,5)
March-0,68,269 11,2 (3,8)
April5,415,192 11,1 (0,7)
May10,921,2104 11,4
June16,726,6103 10,3
July19,729,0101 9,9
August19,027,8101 9,0
September14,224,184 8,2
October7,617,182 10,2 (0,1)
November1,49,286 11,2 (1,8)
December-5,21,865 11,1 (6,7)
YEAR6,415,2992 123,1 (26,7)

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