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The climate of the Philippines: when to go to the Philippines

The Philippines islands have a hot and humid tropical climate, tempered by the breath of constant sea breezes. As in much of South-East Asia are a regular monsoon season, the summer monsoon from the south-west and the winter monsoon from the north-east.

The south-west monsoon makes very abundant precipitation particularly on the southern slopes of hills, while the north-east monsoon increases rainfall over the north and east. As in all areas near the equator, are also not negligible zenithal rain, that is the increase of rainfall that exists in the periods immediately following the steps of the sun at zenith, that happen in April-May and October-November.


In the archipelago there are three distinct seasons: the rainy season that runs from mid May to November, and two dry seasons, the cool and dry season which runs from December to February and the hot season running from March to May. The rains occur when the south-west monsoon blows (from mid May to November), while the north-east monsoon (December to May) is generally dry.

The western areas of the country, those who overlook the South China Sea, have dry and wet seasons marked clearly with one another, continuing toward east the dry season decreases in time to disappear, the rains are more intense along the east coast of the islands, overlooking the Pacific.

In the southern islands from Cebu to Mindanao there is no well defined dry season, but the weather is humid and hot throughout the year, the least rainy months are from February to April. The average annual rainfall in the Philippines varies between 950 mm and 4,000 mm.

Tropical storms hit the Philippines between June and December, the worst affected areas are the northern and eastern areas of the island of Luzon, the island of Bicol and Eastern Visayas (Samar, Leyte).

The temperature of the islands remain constant throughout the year, January is the coldest month of the year with an average temperature of 25°C, while in April and May are the warmest with average temperatures of 28°C. The sea water temperature varies between 27°C and 31°C.


Based on the climate the best time for a trip to the Philippines are the months between December and May.

The climate of Manila.


MANILA (16 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 22,3 29,5 13,5  4
February 22,4 30,2 7,3  2
March 23,6 31,9 21,4  3
April 25,0 33,3 18,7  3
May 25,7 33,4 138,6  10
June 25,3 32,1 283,8  16
July 24,8 31,2 364,1  22
August 24,4 30,4 476,3  22
September 24,5 30,6 334,1  20
October 24,3 30,9 200,5  18
November 23,8 30,5 111,4  14
December 22,9 29,6 56,0  9
YEAR 24,1 31,1 2025,7  143
CEBU (17 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 22,6 30,3 106,5  12
February 22,6 30,6 67,6  10
March 23,0 31,7 54,4  9
April 23,9 33,0 50,4  7
May 24,5 33,2 107,6  11
June 24,1 32,4 183,5  16
July 23,7 31,5 206,5  16
August 23,8 31,7 184,4  16
September 23,7 31,7 196,7  16
October 23,5 31,5 195,5  19
November 23,4 31,3 157,5  15
December 23,0 30,6 127,3  15
YEAR 23,5 31,6 1638,2  162
Month Sea Water Temperature °C
January 28
February 27
March 28
April 29
May 29
June 30
July 29
August 29
September 29
October 29
November 29
December 28

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