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Aitutaki: the jewel island of the Cook Islands

Aitutaki (18 sq km and 2,000 inhabitants), situated 235 km north-east of Rarotonga, is the island of the Cook Islands, after Rarotonga, most frequented by tourists, it is an island of volcanic origin rather flat (the highest point of the ...

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Rarotonga: mountains and beaches

Rarotonga is the main island of the Cook Islands (67 km² and 9,600 inhabitants) is a mountainous island of volcanic origin. The only important center of the island is the capital Avarua, located in the center of the north coast ...

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Cook Islands travel insurance, health insurance, documents, sockets, mobile phones

COOK ISLANDS DOCUMENTS Documents: For entry in the Cook Islands is required a Passport valid for at least 3 months. The visa is required for stays longer than 30 days, it is mandatory have the return air ticket. COOK ISLANDS ...

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How to get the Cook Islands: flights to the Cook Islands

AIR CONNECTIONS International Flights: The Cook Islands are located in the center of Polynesia, in the South Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia is located about two hours and a half flight, while New Zealand is about 4 hours by plane. The ...

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Cook Islands tourist attractions: what to see in the Cook Islands

Tourism is the main source of income of the islands with over 90,000 arrivals in 2006 (more than half of the arrivals are from New Zealand, followed by Europe, Australia, and the United States of America), tourism is concentrated in ...

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Cook Islands climate: when to go to the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands lie north of the Tropic of Capricorn, they typically have a tropical oceanic climate, with temperatures stable throughout the year, the average maximum temperatures vary between 25°C and 29°C, while the average minimum temperatures vary between 18°C ...

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Cook Islands: a paradise of the South Seas

Cook Islands are a semi-indipendent state in free association with New Zealand, made up of 15 small islands located between French Polynesia and Samoa Islands, at a latitude south of equator between 9°S and 22°S. The country have a total ...

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