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The climate of Socotra: when to go to Socotra

Socotra has a tropical desert climate, influenced by the monsoon winds that blow from the south-west between April and October and between November and March blow from the north-east. The southwest monsoon brings extremely strong, hot and dry winds from ...

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The climate of Yemen: when to go to Yemen

The climate of Yemen varies according to altitude. The country can be divided into three climatic zones. The first area is the coastal strip along the Red Sea, called the Tihama. This is a hot and humid semi-desert region. The ...

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Yemen: the Arabia Felix of the ancients

Yemen (Al-Jumhuriya al-Yamaniya, Yemen Arab Republic) is an Arab republic, with the capital Sana’a, located in the extreme southwest of the Arabian Peninsula. This country on the Arabian Peninsula is washed in the west by the Red Sea and in ...

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