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Socotra climate: when to go to Socotra

Socotra climate is tropical desertic, influenced by the monsoon winds that blow from the south-west between April and October and between November and March blow from the north-east. The south-west monsoon brings from Africa warm, dry and extremely strong winds. ...

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Yemen climate: when to go to Yemen

Climate of Yemen varies depending of the height, the country can be divided into three climatic zones: the coastline along the Red Sea, the Tihama, hot and humid; the central highlands; and the Wadi Hadramawt in the eastern part of ...

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Yemen: the Arabia Felix of the ancients

Yemen (Al-Jumhuriya al-Yamaniya, Arab Republic of Yemen) is an Arab republic, with the capital Sana’a, situated in the south-west of the Arabian peninsula, is washed to the west from the Red Sea and to the south by the Gulf of ...

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