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Berlin climate: when to go to Berlin

The city of Berlin is characterized by an oceanic climate which tends, in part, to become a continental climate, with cold and relatively rainy winters, while the summers are mild and rainy. Berlin has three months of frost per year, the city in ...

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Germany climate: when to go to Germany

Germany is a country mostly flat, due to the scarcity of mountains, the German climate is subject to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, this means that the main climatic characteristics are temperatures with low seasonal differences and rainfall in ...

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Germany tourist attractions: what to see in Germany

Germany is often seen in the collective imagination as an industrialized and modern land, whose ancient cities were destroyed by the events of World War II, and where little is left of the history and arts of the past. But ...

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Germany: from Berlin to Bavaria, from the Black Forest to the Baltic Sea

The Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) is a democracy member of the European Union (EU). The Federal Republic of Germany is a federation of individual states. There are 16 “Bundesländer” which are federal states with their own government. The ...

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