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Fethiye climate: when to go to Fethiye

The climate of Fethiye is the classic Mediterranean climate, with short mild and rainy winters and long hot and dry summers. The rainiest months are between November and February, while the driest months are between May and September. The amount ...

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Fethiye: a splendid bay dotted with islands

Fethiye (45,000 inhabitants) is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the southern Turkish coast. Located in a beautiful bay dotted with islands, it is located in the Mugla province 140 km east of Marmaris, the ancient name of ...

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Alanya climate: when to go to Alanya

The Alanya climate is the typical Mediterranean climate, characterized by long hot and dry summers and short mild and rainy winters. Most of the rain falls between the end of autumn and winter. The average temperatures are mild, in fact ...

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Alanya: seaside resort between fortifications and beaches

Alanya is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the southern Turkish coast. Located in the Gulf of Antalya in a beautiful location. Surrounded by the Tauern Mountains, which exceed 2.500 meters here. The city is located 135 km ...

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Antalya climate: when to go to Antalya

As for the climate of Antalya, summers are muggy and dry, while the other months are hot and sometimes rainy. On average it does not rain for 310 days in a year, the rainiest months are those between December and ...

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Antalya: one of the most popular destinations in Turkey

Antalya, a city of six hundred thousand inhabitants, is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the southern Turkish coast. The city is located on the sea in a splendid position surrounded by the mountain range of the Tauern ...

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How to get to Turkey. Flights to Turkey

HOW TO GET TO TURKEY: FLIGHTS AND AIRPORTS The plane is the best and fastest way to get to Turkey. The main airports are those of Ankara-Esenboga (ESB) and Istanbul-Ataturk (IST). The latter is the new airport of the city ...

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Turkey: telephones, power plugs, documents

Turkey Documents For entry into Turkey, the European citizen can present either a passport or an identity card valid for travel abroad. Children and minors must have their own passport / identity card. Citizens of other countries must present the ...

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Istanbul: meeting point between east and west

Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey. This city is in fact the main economic and cultural pole of the state, as well as being the most populated city in the country and the main tourist destination. Thanks to ...

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The climate of Istanbul: when to go to Istanbul

The city of Istanbul has a type of temperate Mediterranean climate, which however presents some variations of the oceanic climate due to the humidity brought by the presence of the water mass of the Black Sea. The summers in this ...

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Turkey climate: when to go to Turkey

Due to the vastness of the country and the significant differences in altitude, the climate of Turkey is very varied. Along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, it is of the Mediterranean type with little rain. While in the interior ...

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Turkey tourist attractions: what to see in Turkey

Turkey is a country located between two continents, Europe and Asia, and has always been a meeting point, and also of confrontation, between different cultures. The most famous city in the country is Istanbul. Who began as Byzantium in the ...

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Turkey: a land of ancient civilization

Turkey (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti) is a state located in the Anatolian peninsula straddling Europe and Asia, the country is a parliamentary republic, of which a minimal part, the eastern section of Thrace is in Europe, the rest of the country is ...

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