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French Guiana

French Guiana power plugs and sockets, telephones

FRENCH GUIANA: DOCUMENTS Documents: To enter French Guiana for tourism, all you need is a passport or identity card valid for travel abroad. If you go for business reasons, in addition to your passport / identity card valid for travel ...

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The climate of French Guiana: when to go to French Guiana

The climate of French Guiana is equatorial, hot and humid with little variation in temperatures throughout the year. In fact, the average annual temperature is 27 ° C. While the average minimum temperatures remain stable throughout the year around 23 ...

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French Guiana: a piece of equatorial France

French Guiana (Guyane Française) is a French overseas department located just north of the equator in the north-eastern part of South America. It is situated to the north on the Atlantic Ocean and borders to the west with Suriname and ...

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