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Copenhagen attractions: what to see in Copenhagen

The visit to the attractions of old Copenhagen can be concentrated even in a single day. Among the fundamental historical attractions of the city, the Latin quarter, the medieval area (Middelalderbyen), the antique street, the old fish market, the old ...

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The climate of Copenhagen: when to go to Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a kind of oceanic climate, with variable weather in all seasons, however, mitigated by the influence of the Gulf Stream. In the spring months of April and May, the climate is mild, while in June to August is ...

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Copenhagen: royal palaces, gardens and an old port

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and with about five hundred thousand inhabitants (over one million the metropolitan area) the largest city in the country. The city is located by the sea along the east coast of the island of ...

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How to get to Denmark. Flights to Denmark

AIRPORTS AND FLIGHTS TO DENMARK The country’s main airport is Copenhagen airport (Copenhagen-Kastrup) from which flights depart for most of the European and world destinations. Another popular international airport is located in Billund, about 250 km from Copenhagen, near Legoland ...

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Denmark power plugs and sockets, telephones

DENMARK DOCUMENTS Travel Documents: As of March 25, 2001 Denmark is among the countries of the Schengen Pact, to this date, are no longer made ​​border controls for travelers coming from another member state of the Schengen area. To enter Denmark, ...

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The climate of Denmark: when to go to Denmark

Denmark is characterized by a type of continental climate, cold in winter and temperate in summer, subject to the influences of air masses of Atlantic origin. The Atlantic winds blow frequently, but the influence of the sea mitigates the temperatures, ...

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Denmark tourist attractions: what to see in Denmark

The main of the attractions and tourist destinations in Denmark is a visit to the state capital, Copenhagen. This city is one of the oldest capitals in Europe and its historic architecture, museums and romantic atmosphere, especially under Christmas, make ...

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Denmark: in the past, the dominant state in Northern Europe

Denmark (Kongeriget Danmark) is a hereditary constitutional parliamentary monarchy. The country is divided administratively into 15 counties (in addition to the two cities of Copenhagen and Frederiksborg, grouped into 5 districts each). The nation is formed by the peninsula of ...

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