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Travel in the mountains of Central Asia

Passu Cones, Hunza Valley, Pakistan. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Crossing Kyrgyzstan, China and Pakistan A spectacular itinerary, a travel in the mountains of Central Asia, which from Kyrgyzstan through China reaches Pakistan. In part we drive the mythical Karakoram Highway, the road that connects China to Pakistan passing through ...

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Travel to Georgia: In the heart of the Greater Caucasus

Omalo, Tusheti, Georgia. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Georgia is a small country where 8-10 day itineraries are usually offered. In such a short time, however, it is not possible to visit some areas of the country, so my choice fell on a longer (two weeks), but more ...

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Power plugs and sockets used in Europe

What are the power plugs and sockets used in Europe ? Different types of power plugs and sockets are used on the European continent. But in almost all European countries – with the exception of the English islands (United Kingdom ...

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Traveling by plane. Flying with children. All the tips

Maho Bay, Sint Maarten. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Flying with children is a wonderful experience not only for our puppies but also for us. There is nothing to do, to live with them the thrill of getting on a flying vehicle for the first time is priceless, especially ...

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Medicines to pack when travelling with Kids

In the Caribbean with children. The Bahamas islands. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Until a few decades ago, traveling with children represented a brake on the possibility of having a pleasant holiday. But today important Tour Operators have been able to seize solutions to incentivize and make traveling with our kids more attractive, ...

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What to pack: a short list of what to bring in a trip

Packing your suitcase for a trip is always a problematic thing. Although the feeling that accompanies us before leaving for an unknown place and that allows us to dream of our new destination is very beautiful. What to pack is ...

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Travel shoes: the AKU Climatica NBK GTX

AKU Climatica NBK GTX.

On a trip one of the most important things is the right choice of shoes. I usually wear a pair of light travel shoes, classic sneakers, and a pair of hiking boots. I usually wear light shoes for most of ...

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Travel photo backpack: Lowepro BP 250 AW

Lowepro BP 250 AW.

Traveling often in many of us rhymes with photography. We photograph both for visual memories and for passion. Some are content to take pictures with a cell phone. But many others have much more expensive and heavier equipment, such as ...

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How to organize a trip and book online

The plane that connects Stella Maris airport with Nassau. Long Island, Bahamas. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Organize a trip is one of the most beautiful things to do…. the trip itself is beautiful, but the preparation of the trip is also a very interesting and pleasant thing. When I prepare a trip, I fantasize about the ...

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Photographing the night sky on travel: what to bring

The Milky Way with the Southern Cross and Eta Carinae. Atacama desert, Chile. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

During trips, especially those who have in their itinerary places with dark skies and far from cities, I usually bring with me even a minimum of photographic and visual equipment to observe the night sky and photographing the night sky ...

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Photographic tours: an interesting way to travel

Photographers, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

In my travels the camera has never been missing. Since I was a teenager I have been passionate about photography. I grew up with old photographic films. Quite late I went digital. Digital allows an infinity of things that with ...

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Rent a car in the United States of America

Rent a car is the best way to visit the United States of America. In fact, the country with its excellent roads and excellent services and infrastructures made available to motorists is ideal for a holiday by car. The American ...

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Route 66: itinerary along the most famous road in America

Route 66 is one of the most famous tourist routes in the United States of America, some sections of this mythical road have been declared National Scenic Byway, the road is a sort of national monument for lovers of two ...

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Itinerary in Colorado and Wyoming: The Rocky Mountains

The Colorado and Wyoming itinerary described here is a circular itinerary that starts and ends in Denver. This itinerary allows you to visit in a minimum time of 14 nights some of the most beautiful national parks in Colorado, Utah ...

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Itinerary in California: cities, coast and parks

The itinerary in California described here is a circular itinerary that starts and arrives in San Francisco, it allows the visit in a minimum of 12 nights of some of the most beautiful national parks and the two most important ...

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Itinerary in Arizona and Utah: the best of American parks

The itinerary described here is a circular itinerary that starts and arrives in Las Vegas (Nevada), it allows the visit in a minimum of 11 nights of some of the most beautiful national parks of Arizona and Utah. The total ...

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Zion National Park: Travel to American Parks 7

<—- THE BRYCE CANYON Day 9: Bryce Canyon National Park-Zion National Park-Las Vegas May 9 We leave early in the morning and after a few miles from Bryce Canyon we stop to admire the spectacle of the Red Canyon and ...

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Bryce Canyon: Trip to American Parks 6

<—- FROM MOAB TO BRYCE CANYON Day 8: Bryce Canyon National Park May 8 The alarm clock was at 6.30 this morning! I’m so sleepy! We go to breakfast at 7 and then drive to Sunset Point to start our ...

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The Capitol Reef: Journey to American Parks 5

<—- MOAB: THE PARK OF THE ARCHES AND THE CANYONLANDS Day 7: Moab-Capitol Reef-Bryce Canyon National Park May 7 This morning we left at 8 for Bryce Canyon. We are traveling on Interstate 70, as we move away from Moab ...

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Arches and Canyonlands: Journey to American Parks 4

<—- FROM THE MONUMENT VALLEY TO MOAB Day 6: Moab (Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands and Castle Valley) May 6 Arches National Park We leave at 8.30 from our Ramada Inn hotel. Today’s first stop is Arches National ...

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The Natural Bridges: Trip to American Parks 3

<—- FROM THE PETRIFIED FOREST TO THE MONUMENT VALLEY Day 5: Kayenta (Monument Valley) -Natural Bridges-Canyonlands National Park-Moab May 5 Today we traveled 320 miles from Kayenta to Moab. Via Natural Bridges National Monument and Canyonlands (The Needles) National Park. ...

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Trip to American Parks 2: Monument Valley

<—- FROM LAS VEGAS TO THE GRAND CANYON Day 3: Grand Canyon National Park- Meteor Crater-Petrified Forest National Park-Holbrook (Petrified Forest National Park) May 3 Trip to American Parks. We get up around 7 and after breakfast, around 8.30 we ...

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Travel to American parks: Arizona and Utah 1

The itinerary we made on this travel to American parks was circular. We left Las Vegas, continuing on to the Grand Canyon N.P. (via Hoover Dam), Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest N.P., Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Mexican Hat, Goosenecks of ...

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Cruise to the Marquesas Islands with the Aranui cargo ship

One of the most beautiful and interesting ways to visit the Marquesas islands is to take a cruise aboard the Aranui 5 cargo ship. This is an interesting combination of a transport ship and a cruise ship operating between Tahiti ...

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A trip to Fiji: How to organize a travel to Fiji

The village of Nalauwaki, Waya, Yasawa Islands, Fiji. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Fiji is a remote destination located almost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, to visit them you need to make a long air trip that is rewarded by postcard beaches and a culture still largely original and authentic. If ...

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A photographic tour to New Zealand

Wild lupins, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

This time I decide to try a new type of tour that is starting to be very fashionable among enthusiasts: the photographic journey. The country I choose is one of the most interesting from the point of view of landscape ...

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Practical advice for a travel to French Polynesia

The islands of French Polynesia, as well as all the beautiful islands of the South Pacific, are one of the favorite travel destinations for honeymooners. In this article I try to give some indications for those who want to make ...

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Cruise to the Yasawa Islands: Captain Cook Cruises

Reef Endevour, Captain Cook Cruises, Fiji. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

The Yasawa islands extend from southwest to northeast over an arc of about 100 kilometers west of the two main islands of Fiji: Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Consisting of about fifteen main islands and countless smaller islands, the Yasawa ...

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Cruise to Mamanuca and Yasawa: Captain Cook Cruises

Monuriki Island, Mamanuca, Fiji. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

After taking the first part of the cruise, the one that allowed us to visit the spectacular northern Yasawa islands, today we leave from Port Denarau to continue our cruise to the Mamanuca islands and the southern Yasawa. For those ...

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Stars in the Atacama Desert, an adventurous journey

The Milky Way with the Southern Cross and Eta Carinae. Atacama desert, Chile. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

History of a spectacular journey with a pinch of adventure … The main destination of the trip was the Andean highlands of Chile and Bolivia. The trip had been organized to see the flooded Salar de Uyuni. So the chosen ...

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