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Ferrari Museum, Maranello. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini
Ferrari Museum, Maranello. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

The Ferrari Museum in Maranello. Traveling with children

Ferrari is the symbol of racing cars and children are crazy about it. From an early age the brum brum attracts him without exception. Then growing often continue to be passionate about engines. My two children are no exception and are passionate Ferrari fans. For this reason we decided to visit the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

Our children are thrilled to see the Formula 1 Ferraris live. They didn’t want to sleep the night before visiting the museum. But then after telling them that if they weren’t sleeping we couldn’t get up early in order to get to the museum on time they fell asleep in a few minutes.

As soon as we arrive in Maranello we stop to take a picture of ourselves in front of the Ferrari factory gates. At the beginning of the 1980s, I was lucky enough to visit the Ferrari factory after my little brother (8 years old) sent a letter to Enzo Ferrari in which he declared his love for Ferrari. With great surprise, after a few weeks we received a response from Ferrari and this was already a lot. But there was more in the letter. In fact, we had been invited to visit the factory in Maranello including the racing department. It was a fantastic trip that I still remember after many years.

Today with my two little children I relived that old day a little. This time we do not visit the factory, which I believe is no longer possible to see, at least as thoroughly as we have seen it. But let’s visit the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.


The Ferrari Museum is located in the center of Maranello, a few meters from the historic Ferrari factory. The museum was founded in the 90s and since 1995 it has been managed directly by Ferrari. The entrance ticket for adults costs 15 Euros while children under 19 pay 5 Euros. So a family of 4 like us spends 40 Euros on the museum visit. Around the museum there are many parking lots, some free, others for a fee.

The Ferrari museum in Maranello is not very large and in less than an hour you can visit everything. The museum staff – all very kind – wear the uniform of the box mechanics. Inside there are various car models from racing cars to street cars. The car collection is not complete but gives an idea of what are the characteristics that have made Ferrari a brand and a cult name worldwide. In the museum there are many Formula 1 cars including those that won the last F1 World Championships.

Ferrari museum in Maranello
Ferrari museum in Maranello


The children especially liked the Formula One cars on display and the large trophy room. All the trophies won by Ferrari in its history are displayed here. The old helmets of pilots such as Fangio, Ascari, Hill also attracted their attention. The roar of the engines, which can be heard in a small niche next to the trophy room, was loved by both children. The place is located on the right before leaving the trophy room, be careful that you risk not seeing it. Here you can hear the roar of various Ferraris from the last years of Formula 1. I also liked the street cars Ferraris a lot, they have a really nice design. My youngest child – as well as Ferrari – is a passionate fan of Felipe Massa for which he wanted to see everything in the museum that concerns Massa.

After the visit of the museum, the children slung into the Ferrari shop that is located before leaving the museum and here we purchased the inevitable hats and sweaters. The prices are quite high, like all the products associated with a brand. In the museum there are also semi-professional simulators with which to experience the thrill of driving a Formula 1.

If you want to continue your immersion in the Ferrari world in the city of Modena there is another museum dedicated to Ferrari: the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena. If you visit the two museums you can take advantage of the discounted ticket valid for both museums which costs 26 Euros for adults and 10 Euros for children under 19 years.


Ferrari museum in Maranello
Ferrari museum in Maranello