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The museums of London: London with children

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The city of London is a dynamic city full of leisure opportunities for families with children. The English capital is famous for its almost all free museums. Among the London museums most suitable for children there is certainly the Science Museum, located just south of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. This is one of the most beautiful science museums in all of Europe. In this museum you will find information on the development of science from prehistory to the present day. Space rockets, medical science, machines of all kinds, prototypes of inventions and an IMAX 3D cinema that shows documentaries in three dimensions. An entire floor of the museum is dedicated to children’s games related to science.


Next to the science museum, another of the museums of London not to be missed is the Natural History Museum. Very interactive museum with fascinating games and experiments to try. A beautiful journey to discover our planet! The museum displays 70 million exhibits, you will find dinosaurs, mammals, minerals. There are rooms dedicated to volcanoes and earthquakes. The dinosaur room is wonderful for children, but also the part dedicated to minerals and earth sciences. The museum is located in one of the most beautiful buildings in London.

An interesting stop can also be made at the Sea Life London Aquarium which is located on the banks of the Thames near Waterloo Station. The aquarium is home to numerous species of fish and marine animals and plants from all over the world. The aquarium is very interactive and allows children an immersive experience. There are sharks, seahorses, octopuses, and multi-colored coral reef fish.


Even the most important museum in the city, the British Museum has aspects that can appeal to little explorers. Among all the wonders present, the little ones will be fascinated especially by the mummies of the Egyptian pharaohs. But also other ancient civilizations will awaken their interests and curiosities.

A historical museum in London where children are often brought is the Madame Tussauds wax museum where in addition to real characters such as famous actors, politicians, sportsmen, singers will be able to see the reproduction of the spider-man and the incredible Hulk.

If you have children who like to act or just try on costumes of all kinds, a place to visit is the Theater Museum, located south of London Bridge. In the museum there are objects on scenic art and theater. But it is also possible to wear costumes, try on tricks and perform from the stage.

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich is one of museums of London to visit if your children are fond of boats and explorations. There are interactive sections dedicated to children such as the All Hands gallery, while older children can use the professional naval simulator and understand the impact of pollution on the ocean environment.


Those who are not afraid of terrifying stories and tales can pay a visit to the London Dungeon in the South Bank, next to the London Eye and the Sea Life London Acquarium. This of all London museums is exciting, frightening and fun at the same time. Present a historic tour of Victorian London made of torture and plague, by characters like Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd.

Between London Bridge and Tower Bridge you can visit an authentic WWII battleship, HMS Belfast, which is part of the Imperial War Museum, the ship participated in the Normandy landings. If you want to bring your children closer to the horrors of war, a truly well-made museum is the Imperial War Museum with the reconstruction of a trench from the First World War, with tanks, airplanes and other war weapons.

In Colindale on the north-western outskirts of London is the Royal Air Force Museum with planes, helicopters and other flying machines. Don’t forget to visit the 3D cinema and the interactive gallery for children.


London Zoo which is located in Regent’s Park dates back to 1828, is another of the attractions for children. There are about 650 species of animals from all over the world: gorillas, tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes, spiders, etc … Thrill-seekers can visit the London Zoo reptile house. Here are the largest and most poisonous snakes in the world, including the black Mamba, several lizards and crocodiles.

To make it clear to our children that before there were no PS and XBoxes, but the children of the time played and had fun with the little they had. The V & A Museum of Childhood houses a collection of childhood objects, dating from 1600 to the present day. There are toys, dolls and games from past eras.


For those who have been fascinated by the Harry Potter books, London has many surprises. In the Warner Bros Studios you can take a behind the scenes tour of the Harry Potter films.

But in the city you can visit the places made famous by the film such as King’s Cross Station with the tracks used to shoot the film. There is also a shop here, the Harry Potter shop, same as Ollivander’s wand shop. St Pancras station was also used in the film as a train station from which Harry departs aboard the Hogwarts Express. As well as Westminster tube station, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge and Millennium Bridge. After visiting some of these museums you can take your children to visit one of the futuristic English football stadiums. Or, above all, you can rest in one of the many city parks.



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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