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In the Caribbean with children. The Bahamas islands. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini
In the Caribbean with children. The Bahamas islands. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Medicines to pack when travelling with Kids

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Until a few decades ago, traveling with children represented a brake on the possibility of having a pleasant holiday. But today important Tour Operators have been able to seize solutions to incentivize and make traveling with our kids more attractive, proposing truly attractive proposals. You know, before leaving you have to get organized, you have to clean your house, prepare your bags. But above all we have to decide what medicines to pack when travelling with Kids. This is especially important to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

So, all the possible ailments that can affect them, fever, diarrhea, stuffy nose etc. come to mind. To be sure not to forget anything at home, it is good to always refer to a list of essential medicines. Of course, let’s not forget, that pharmacies exist in all parts of the world or almost, so in case of need we could have recourse. But it remains an annoying alternative, given that even if we speak the language correctly or almost, some misunderstanding can always happen.


Here are some useful tips and advice when traveling with children:

When we travel with children it is always good to avoid areas at risk, where important diseases often caused by local insects can be contracted. Or areas where there are conflicts, or where the main hygiene rules are absent. In short, we must allow our child to be able to live his holiday in perfect safety. In order to make his stay in a country different from his pleasant. It is necessary that the child is in compliance with his mandatory vaccinations. The website of the U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Consolar Affairs Travel Advisories is very useful for countries at risk and for compulsory vaccinations.

First of all it is necessary to warn the pediatrician of the trip we intend to do. So you have to talk to him / her about the possible problems that we may face during the holiday and he / she will prescribe the indispensable medicines, such as the antibiotic for example, which must never be missing in your suitcase.


Here is the list of medicines to pack when travelling with Kids, especially if we intend to stay abroad:

  • Antipyretic
  • Against pain in the ears
  • Antibiotic, at least 2 packs, ask pediatrician’s advice.
  • Antidiarrheal or lactic ferments, strong enough, however, ask the opinion of the pediatrician.
  • Laxative (chamomile microclisms)
  • Cream for insect bites, hear doctor’s advice.
  • Cough syrup (natural, I use snail syrup, in 2/3 days the cough dissolves).
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunburn cream
  • Pen type ammonia stick, to be used in case of insect bites, such as bees, wasps ect.
  • Cream against skin irritations, if we intend to go to the sea it is advisable, as I have noticed from experience that the first sun can lead to the birth of itchy bubbles.
  • Physiological spray water, I recommend hypertonic Toner, which helps during colds, rhinitis, stuffy nose.
  • Digital thermometer
  • Patches
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Mosquito spray
  • Health card and booklet with the vaccinations carried out.
  • A few sachets of chamomile, in case of stomach pain

Finally, but it should always be put in the first place, do not forget to make travel and health insurance, with a few tens of Euros you will have assistance in case of problems and any health costs that you will incur will be reimbursed.

This post is also available in: Deutsch