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In the Caribbean with children. The Bahamas islands. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini
In the Caribbean with children. The Bahamas islands. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

In the Caribbean with children: the Bahamas

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The Bahamas islands are a great destination for those traveling to the Caribbean with children in tow. The islands are inhabited by a welcoming and smiling population, which becomes even more friendly with those traveling with children. The lack of dangers, the good economic situation, the beauty of the sea and the large number of opportunities that will happen to you on your journey to involve the children are some of the things that make a family vacation in the Bahamas an experience to do. The Caribbean with children is a trip to do and the Bahamas may be the most suitable destination.

The attractions of interest for children are many in each island of the archipelago. Obviously sea and beaches are the masters. Bathing, walking, searching for shells, canoeing, snorkeling are some of the activities that involve children most. In some hotels, families with children often have ad hoc offers and special prices for their stays. Some restaurants have special menus designed for children under the age of 12.


In the capital, Nassau, which is the place where the first contact with the Bahamas usually takes place, children can find interesting attractions. For example, in the renowned Paradise Island, the aquarium (Atlantis aquarium) and the large aquatic amusement park (Waterscape Aquaventure) are worth visiting. Among the attractions of the Aquaventure Waterscape there are three swimming pools (among the 20 swimming pools available) dedicated exclusively to children, and a lagoon for snorkeling.

In the Caribbean with children. The Bahamas islands. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini
In the Caribbean with children. The Bahamas islands. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Atlantis Kids Adventures is a club for children aged 3 to 12 where sessions and workshops of various kinds are organized for children. Also in Atlantis you can swim with stingrays. On Dolphin Cay you can swim with dolphins and sea lions. Even on Blue Lagoon Island, a private island 20 minutes from Nassau, it will be possible to swim with dolphins or have close encounters with sea lions.

Another place in Nassau that will attract children’s interests and curiosities is the Pirates of Nassau Museum. In this museum dedicated to piracy in the Caribbean you and your children will be able to relive the times of pirates. The three English fortifications – with their cannons – that controlled the island may also be of interest to children. The Pompey Museum dedicated to slavery will generate many questions for children that dad and mom will have to answer. Finally, a visit to the Ardastra Gardens and Zoo Conservatory allows the observation of birds – in particular the famous flamingos – reptiles and mammals.


On the island of Eleuthera it is possible to visit the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve. This is a nature reserve with trails that allow the discovery of the typical Bahamian flora and the observation of birds and other animals that live on the island. In the village of Rock Sound there is Ocean Hole, a circular lake full of fish that you can feed – don’t forget to bring your bread!

In the Exumas islands there is the island of Sandy Cay where you can observe the land iguanas. Here were also filmed the sea scenes of the “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” (Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Phantom Chest). Another curious place in the Exumas is Major’s Spot Cay where you can see pigs swimming in the sea. In the Exumas there are numerous nature reserves that can offer interesting educational opportunities for adults and children. Among these the Moria Harbor Cay National Park where you can observe sand dunes, beaches, mangroves and seaweed beds, the park is also a breeding place for seabirds and a nursery for marine life.

On the island of Bimini, in addition to the numerous shipwrecks, there is also an interesting natural path: the Bimini Nature Trail, which allows you to see the endemic plants and animals that populate the island in their natural environment, including the rare Bimini boa (Bahamian pygmy boa).


The Ministry of Tourism of the Bahamas has implemented an interesting free program called “People to People” which gives the opportunity to meet the local population and to be accompanied by a member of the local community to discover the culture and life of the Bahamians. By participating in the program it will be possible, for example, to visit a school, participate in a religious ceremony, enjoy a local lunch, live a few hours together with the locals. A great experience for all children. We tried it and opted for a visit to a local school: it was really an interesting experience.



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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